About us

About us

About the project "TechtoPedia"

We are a publication about the benefits. We tell about everything that improves life.

TechtoPedia.com simply and affordably answers the reader's difficult questions, offers effective solutions to problems, gives useful advice, shares interesting opinions and methods for saving time, effort and money. Our recommendations are useful and easy to use.

Who Are We Writing for?

Our reader is a person who wants to develop intellectually, physically, emotionally and become better every day. He treats himself and the outside world with sensible criticism, and he is also a rational approach to solving any issues.

Our main audience are the residents of European and Asian countries. We are equally popular among men and women. Most often we are read in the morning, on the way to work, and in the evening. Mostly they do it from a smartphone, but they regularly visit it from a computer.

What Are We Writing About

We love to write about new technologies, digital marketing, freelancing, desktop games, android games, pc software, mobile APK’s, devices and useful programs, share profitable promotions, discounts and practical advice for all spheres of life.

For commercial placement, please contact the advertising department at [email protected]

If you have cool ideas for cooperation with the editors, write to t[email protected]

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