How To Speed Up Facebook On Android 2020-21

How To Speed Up Facebook On Android 2020-21


How To Speed Up Facebook On Android 2020

Are you looking for a solution "How To Speed Up Facebook On Android 2020-21"? The Facebook application has been one of the most used in recent times and it is all due to its high use. One of the defining characteristics of the Facebook mobile application is constantly releasing updates that bring improvements and can be used instantly by users. By bringing with it new functionalities, it is very likely that more system resources such as RAM and processor (CPU) are consumed, making it slower. It has become one of the main problems slow down Facebook on our mobiles / android. We are sharing some good and informative tips on How to speed up Facebook in Android 2020-21 and fix slow Facebook problems.

How To Speed Up Facebook On Android 2020

Facebook is Slow 2020? How to Speed Up Facebook On Android 2020-21

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  • Facebook is slow 2020-21
  • Why Facebook is slow 2020
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Method 1: Download Facebook Lite

If your Android cell phone or tablet does not have great technical resources, then you can try downloading the Facebook Lite application or the light version that lacks certain functionalities. The Lite version has been proven to increase the speed of Facebook by 30% on your device, so you will have no performance issues. If you want to use this Lite version of Facebook then you should follow the steps shown below:

  • First of all, they should go to the Google Play Store and search for Facebook Lite
  • Next, several download alternatives will appear. Here, just select Facebook Lite from the developer Facebook. If you are seeing this post from your cell phone, then you can get it from the following instance:

Why Facebook is Slow 2020?

Facebook Lite Application Why Facebook is Slow 2020?
Download Facebook Light

  • Once you have obtained Facebook Lite, all you have to do is open it and log in with your Facebook credentials. When you log in you will notice a slight difference in the user interface, with reduced animations and other aspects that make it even more versatile. You will find that the stories, conversations, and reactions apply in the same way, only with less effect.

Do you use Messenger?

If you use Messenger, then you can use its Facebook Lite version that performs similar functions as Facebook Lite. A considerable decrease in RAM memory has been observed, not to mention the excellent performance that occurs at the time of use. All this can be obtained on your Android mobile through the Google Play Store or the following instance:

FB Messenger Light
Download Facebook Messenger 

Method 2: Use RAM Free

Another method that will help you use Facebook in a faster way is by using a RAM free application. These will allow you to free up the RAM used in unwanted applications and processes, obtaining better performance for those applications that you are actually using (as is the case with Facebook). You can follow the steps shown below in order to free up the RAM of your Android phone and speed up Facebook:

How to Accelerate Facebook 2020? How to Speed Up Facebook On Android 2020

  • First of all, you must download the RAM Cleanup application from the Google Play Store:

Download Ram Cleanup

  • Once they download RAM Cleanup, they will need to open it and select the clean option to start the cleaning process.
  • This process takes about 5 minutes, so you will have to wait until it is finished.
  • Then open Facebook (Facebook Lite recommended). By doing so, they will find that the performance will be much better.

That's it. With these two tricks, you will be able to speed up Facebook 2020 and fix all kinds of slow Facebook problems. After all, do you have any questions or queries? If you like our article “How to Speed Up Facebook on Cell Phones 2020”, you can leave a comment in the section below. 

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