How to Unlock HUAWEI Mobiles by IMEI

How to Unlock HUAWEI Mobiles by IMEI

How to Unlock HUAWEI Mobiles by IMEI

Do you know how to unlock Huawei Android mobile phones by IMEI? When buying a cell phone, it is very important to take into account that it must operate without problems in all telephone companies, and for this, it must not have any type of associated blockade. One of the common problems of Huawei users is that when buying a cell phone, they realize that it has an IMEI block and that it makes it impossible to use national networks. One of the symptoms of a cell phone blocked by IMEI is that you cannot make or receive phone calls, nor can you use mobile networks such as 2G, 3G, and 5G.

How to Unlock HUAWEI Mobiles by IMEI

How to Unlock HUAWEI All Models

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Buying a second-hand Huawei cell phone is the responsibility of both the seller and the buyer. If you are in the buyer position, it is very important to research all the details before buying, if you did not, then it is very likely that you will be scammed with an 'inoperative' device. This reality is experienced day by day by users who buy Huawei devices, however, there are various unlocking services that will allow you to unlock all those features. If you want to do it, then keep reading because we will show all the details to achieve it.

Unlock Huawei by IMEI 2020

Step 1: Check IMEI

  • The first step before purchasing the IMEI unlocking service is to check if it is indeed blocked. Fortunately, there is an application that will let you know if an IMEI is blocked, obtaining details about the blocking date, the reporting company (Movistar, Entel, Claro, and others). The application in question is Consult IMEI Chile and it is available for free to download on any Huawei cell phone or tablet. To do this, it is necessary to follow the steps shown below:
  • First of all, you must download the Consult IMEI Chile application. If you are viewing this article from the Huawei device, then you can get it through the following instance:
  • Once they download the app, they will need to open it and enter the IMEI on screen. When you do, they will get all the details of the locks associated with the IMEI.

Step 2: Unlock Huawei IMEI

As mentioned in the foreword of this article, there are various IMEI unlocking services for mobile devices that will allow you to recover all functionalities with mobile operators and telephone companies in your country. One of the most popular services in recent times is, a site dedicated to remote unlocking via IMEI for any telephone company and country in the world. One of the main features of DirectUnlocks is the ability to perform quickly unlocks, taking 1-2 business days on average (depending on the device). In our experience, we have been able to obtain the service in said period of days, with extensive information from the provider from the email and through the tracking codes.

Unlock Huawei 2020

On the other hand, it is also important to note that DirectUnlocks is one of the most reliable sites to perform unlocks and one of the most efficient. What devices can be unlocked with DirectUnlocks? All Android mobile devices, without exception. If you want to unlock, then follow the steps below:

  • First of all, they will need to access the dedicated DirectUnlocks service to unlock Huawei devices.
  • Next, they must enter the IMEI of the device to be unlocked together with the telephone company that they want to recover their services.
  • Next, they must enter all personal and contact information, along with the payment method. (Approximately the service costs 28 USD)
  • Ready!. Please allow 1-2 business days for the unlock to be successful.

Unlock HUAWEI Mobile Phones

That's it. By following these steps you can unlock IMEI of Huawei 2020 easily and quickly. After all, do you have any questions or queries? If you like, you can leave a comment in the section below.

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