How To Connect Android Auto Wireless Without USB Cable 【2020】

How To Connect Android Auto Wireless Without USB Cable 【2020】

How To Connect Android Auto Wireless Without USB Cable 【2020】

Do you interested to know How to Connect Android Auto Wireless without USB Cable? Android Auto is one of the Android modules for certain vehicle radios. With this, it is possible to run certain applications (that meet the standards) through the car radio, without using the cell phone. Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, Youtube and a lot of applications have been compatible with Android Auto and have been very useful when traveling to a place. If you are thinking of going to a place, you can use Google Maps and look at all the geographical points through the car radio, without having to unlock and the phone every now and then to look at it. If you are thinking of establishing a conversation with a person, you can easily hang up or manage the phone call using the radio or the controls. This is how amazing Android Auto can be, that is why many people are looking for a radio that is compatible with said platform.

How To Connect Android Auto Wireless Without USB Cable 【2020】

How To Use Android Auto Wireless 2020

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How to use Android Auto Wireless 2020

One of the aspects that many users are looking for is how to connect a mobile to the radio of a vehicle through Bluetooth and without using cables. This connection is more comfortable, although it can take up much more battery since the device is not connected to a power supply. To make this connection, it is very important that your radio is compatible with wireless Android Auto, and for this, you can follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, they will need to go to their mobile device and connect it to their radio using a USB cable
  • Once connected, access the Android Auto settings. Open them and then check the option "Android Auto wireless"
  • Disconnect the device and verify that the connection is maintained. If not then it means the radio is incompatible with Android Auto wireless
  • They can also check the Android Auto version of their vehicle by going to the settings. Here, make sure the version is 4.7 or higher.

Are There Alternatives?

How to use Android Auto Wireless 2020

Of course, there are several ways to connect Android Auto to a radio that only supports the wired connection. To achieve this, you need to have a USB to Bluetooth converter, but not just any. Many users believe that by placing a conventional adapter, their device is likely to connect wireless to the radio, but this is untrue as it will only amplify the Bluetooth signal. However, everything can be achieved thanks to the Carlinkit USB adapter, which works through an intermediary application that will allow you to control the important applications and functionalities of the mobile on the radio without using a USB cable. Carlinkit USB It is available for sale directly on Aliexpress, costing approximately $ 30.00.

Android Auto Wireless 2020 (AutoKit Application)

The peculiarity of this application is that it allows devices to sync with CarPlay and Android Auto via USB. Unlike conventional adapters, the adapter connects directly to the platform, causing a kind of casting without the need to connect a power cable. Once obtained, all you have to do is download the AutoKIT application and with it, make full use of mobile applications and functionalities.

download the AutoKIT application

At the time of installation, all you have to do is synchronize with the device using Bluetooth. Once done, the radio will be able to use all the applications of the mobile device compatible with Android Auto.

That is all.

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