14 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2020

14 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2020

14 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2020

Are you looking for best photo editing apps for android 2020? These photo editing apps or photo processing application can easily customize colors, remove unnecessary objects, add effects, filters, and more - and all this right on your mobile device.

14 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2020

Checkout below 14 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2020

1. Google Photos

If you need to quickly adjust the brightness, crop, or rotate the image or draw something on top of it, the Google Photos program is enough. This application, preinstalled on most Android devices, is great for simple edits. In addition, Google Photos allows you to synchronize photos between different devices for free.

2. Snapseed

This photo editor, also developed by Google, does a great job with both simple and quick processing, as well as advanced editing. You can adjust colors, adjust perspectives, rotate and crop pictures, add text, make spot edits, and much more. Another advantage of Snapseed is the complete lack of subscriptions and in-app purchases.

3. Photoshop Express

The mobile version of Photoshop is inferior in capabilities to its desktop counterpart. But well optimized for easy processing of images on a small screen. In the arsenal of the application, there are various effects, filters, as well as tools for working with proportions, sizes, and perspectives. The program allows you to add decorations to your pictures like frames, stickers, and custom text. In addition, Photoshop Express boasts support for RAW formats.

4. Adobe Lightroom

Another application from Adobe - Lightroom - offers a much more advanced editor with numerous colors, light, and other image settings. By subscribing at a cost of $ 5 per month, in addition, you will receive tools for point correction and work with the prospect, as well as support for RAW. And the subscription includes a convenient cross-platform gallery with cloud storage for photos.

5. VSCO: Photo and video editor

The VSCO application has gained popularity thanks to a collection of really cool filters, although for the most part paid ones. With their help, it is easy to transform even the most mediocre photo. The program also has a semblance of a social network where users share their most successful personnel, and curators constantly compile collections from which you can endlessly draw inspiration.

6. PicsArt

A multifunctional editor that can work with both photos and videos. Inside you will find a ton of automated tools for retouching, cropping, rotating, resizing pictures, and creating collages. Plus, the editor lacks all kinds of decorative elements: templates, stickers, effects, filters, brushes, and more. But to use them without restrictions, you need to subscribe. Cost - 299 rubles per month.

7. Pixlr

Pixlr combines the basic features of photo correction with a rich set of various overlays, effects, templates, and stickers. Also in the application, there is a convenient collage designer. And the double exposure function allows you to mix several pictures on the canvas, creating unusual photomixes.

8. Fotor

Fotor is a worthy alternative to the previous program. Here you will also find all the necessary tools for basic image processing. In addition, Fotor offers powerful functions for creating collages and various decorations, from photo frames to stickers.

9. TouchRetouch

This editor will come to the rescue if you need to quickly and efficiently remove everything superfluous from the image: scratches and dents on captured objects, random passers-by in the frame, and so on. The program is paid, but in its category, it is one of the best.

10. Facetune2

A must-have app for selfie lovers. With Facetune2, you can easily hide skin imperfections, whiten your teeth, and even change your face shape. Each of these actions is performed in a couple of touches.

11. Pixaloop

This unusual photo editor allows you to create cinemagraphs - animated pictures. Special tools will make water, fire, clouds and other objects move in the frame. After spending just a few minutes learning effects, you can create mesmerizing animations.

12. FaceApp

Even if you have never used FaceApp, you must have heard about it anyway. Pictures with dramatically “ aged ” or “sex-changing” celebrities repeatedly appeared in the news and became memes thanks to this program. The fact is that FaceApp uses complex algorithms to very convincingly change the appearance of people in the pictures. You can try this editor if you want to play friends or just have fun

13. Prisma

Another viral application. Prisma became famous thanks to unusual filters. They qualitatively stylize pictures to the work of famous artists or simply give photos of very unusual visual effects. True, most filters are available for the money.

14. Canva

Canva gives every user the opportunity to feel like a designer. The program offers a lot of templates, fonts, icons, and other graphic elements that can turn your photos into stylish stories or unusual posts. Many sources are available free of charge, for the rest you have to pay.
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