Brave Browser 1.8.95 Download 32-64 Bit - Brave Browser Review

Brave Browser 1.8.95 Download 32-64 Bit - Brave Browser Review

Brave Browser 1.8.95 Download 32-64 Bit - Brave Browser Review

Is Brave Browser Safe?

Brave Browser Download is an open-source web browser that offers an innovative approach to the principles of displaying and blocking ads on websites. In its default operating mode, the browser blocks advertising content on a given site and instead presents a small amount of non-invasive ads from its partners. The website owner can also become a project partner and thus display any advertising content in the browser, as long as it is tailored to the requirements of Brave Browser 32 Bit (in terms of non-invasiveness, lack of trackers tracking user activity, etc.). It is worth noting that the browser partly supports the Acceptable Ads model known from AdBlock Plus. In line with this model, the publisher of the browser include they don't intend to display invasive ads or allow trackers in exchange for financial benefits from the site owner.

Brave Browser 1.8.95 Download 32-64 Bit - Brave Browser Review

Users of the browser and its partners (websites cooperating with the project and displaying ads in accordance with its assumptions) receive a virtual wallet, into which a corresponding percentage of the total profit from displaying ads flows every month. In the case of the user, it is 15%, the same percentage is also received by the Brave Browser Publishers. In addition, the user can donate a selected portion of the profits to their favorite sites (as long as they are project partners), and then they will no longer have to view the advertising content of the project. Financial transactions are carried out using the BitGo service (payments in bitcoins).

Only the default browser mode has been mentioned above. If necessary, you can opt for absolute blocking of ads and tracking solutions - without displaying the advertising content of Brave Browser VPN partners (and without earnings). In addition, it is also possible to completely deactivate the blocking / replacing of ads and functions that care for the user's privacy.

Brave Browser Review

When it comes to protecting your privacy and system security, third-party tracking trackers and cookies are blocked, as well as ads that spread malware (so-called malvertising). In addition, the browser enforces the use of the encrypted HTTPS protocol when browsing websites (integrated extension HTTPS Everywhere). At this point, it should be added that Brave Browser 64 Bit locally collects a massive amount of data about user activities on the Internet.

Project ads are displayed and targeted precisely on the basis of this data, which is much more effective than matching ads to the user based on trackers or Third-party cookies. However, the developers of the brave browser reddit ensure that the information obtained is encoded on the local PC side and they do not have access to it at all (no key to decrypt the data). The Brave browser android decides to target ads by sending anonymous signals to websites. Each time only a small amount of information is disclosed so that the user cannot be identified by the unique tags.

In addition, the user has full control over the contents of the Brave browser apk history. It is also worth mentioning the possibility of synchronizing data between various devices (e.g. PC and smartphone) using the Brave Vault module. Also, in this case, the history of Brave Browser's user activity remains encrypted and the information obtained from it is highly anonymous. So that the user cannot be identified by the unique tags.

The Founder of Brave Browser

Brave Browser and Brave Browser Extensions were created by Brendan Eich, co-founder of the Mozilla Foundation and Publisher of the JavaScript language. The browser is available in versions for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android. The Windows version is based on the Chromium code and the Electron framework. Brave Browser Offline Installer is intuitive to use, has an elegant graphical interface, and offers features typical of a modern web browser (e.g. tab mechanism, bar, and bookmark manager, Omnibox, etc.). The project website includes, among other FAQ sections, where you can find detailed information on the principles of blocking/replacing advertising content, making money on displayed ads, and protecting your privacy.


At the moment of creating the description, the Download brave browser is still in its early development phase, so at the moment it does not contain too many functions, including some mentioned in the description (the Publishers plan to introduce them in the upcoming versions).

Publisher: Brave Software Inc.
License: GNU GPL (free)
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10

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