5 Best Video Conferencing Apps 2020, Best Meeting Apps For Team

5 Best Video Conferencing Apps 2020, Best Meeting Apps For Team

5 Best Video Conferencing Apps 2020, Best Meeting Apps For Team

Are you looking for 5 Best Video Conferencing Apps 2020 or Best Meeting Apps For Team? Nowadays, the possibility of communicating with someone is increasingly scarce, that is why many are looking for a way to make a video call or video conference to hold a work meeting, online classes or simply to communicate with the family. Fortunately, users of mobile devices and computers have the possibility to make a video conference using free applications that will allow them to support a large number of users simultaneously. If you want to know this type of tool, then read on carefully because we will show you everything you need to download them to your mobile devices (Android, iOS, and computers with Windows and Mac OS).

5 Best Video Conferencing Apps 2020, Best Meeting Apps For Team

2020 Video Conferencing Applications / Best Meeting Apps for Team

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1. Zoom Video Meeting Application / Zoom Cloud Meetings

In times of quarantine by the Coronavirus COVID-19, Zoom video meetings app has been one of the most used due to its ability to support large numbers of users and with extended call duration, so much so that it is possible to speak with up to one hundred people face to face simultaneously without risk of ending the conversation. Zoom Win Award brings video conferencing, online meetings, and group messaging in one easy to use application. It is also possible to send instant messages in the chat group to a particular member in case they cannot or should say it verbally. Among other features, there are also:

  • High quality for video calling
  • Screen sharing on Android, iOS, and computer devices
  • Ability to share documents and upload them to a cloud storage application such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and others
  • Send multimedia or audio content if you are using instant messaging
  • You can easily and quickly invite users
  • Works with both mobile networks or Wi-Fi

To download and use this tool, simply go to the next instance or directly in the Google Play Store or App Store. or checkout below

Zoom Video Meeting Application / Zoom Cloud Meetings

Note: In the case of computers, it is necessary to do it from the browser at zoom.us/support/download

Best Apps For Video Call In 2020

2. Microsoft Teams App

Teams have been considered the evolution of Skype and are integrated into the Microsoft office suite. Despite being an instant messaging application with the possibility of managing projects, Teams offer the possibility of making high-quality video calls or video conferences with one or a group of people. Another important aspect to highlight is its compatibility with various platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. To learn more about this great tool, check the following points:

  • Ability to manage projects and assign tasks
  • Compatibility with all Office files (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, and others).
  • Smart Chat Search
  • Possibility of making private conversations with a contact
  • Screen sharing in case you want to project something from your mobile device or PC

Microsoft Teams App

Note: In the case of computers, it is necessary to do it from the browser at microsoft.com/microsoft-365/microsoft-teams/download-app

3. Skype

Another of the applications that are not in the past and that are aimed at video calls is Skype. With this, you can conduct conversations privately or in a group through the contacts of your Microsoft account. Skype is a 100% free application that will allow you to have conversations or meetings by video call or voice with a large number of users and on various platforms such as android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. One of the characteristics is the image and sound quality that is obtained when making a call, so much so that many millions of users in the world and companies choose to use it. Other features of Skype include:

  • Video conference 1-24 members with high definition calls and no end times
  • Chat in real-time, with the possibility of sharing files
  • Skype is for Private chat and video conference. Within a private conversation, it is possible to add other contacts without the need to previously create a group
  • Available for all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac computers)

Download Skype for Android and iOS

Note: For Windows and Mac computers, you can get the tool at skype.com

Applications For Group Video Calls

4. Viber

Viber is another useful application to make video calls or live conferences with a user or group in high quality and smoothly. One of the main features of this great application is that it allows real-time chat with up to 250 people and no time limit, which is ideal for all those teachers who want to take classes online. Among other features of Viber are:

  • Encryption of conversations and messages, making it safe for the user
  • Real-time conversations with up to 250 people with no time limit
  • High-quality video calls
  • Send instant and entertaining messages Stickers
  • Long-distance calls with high quality and speed

Download Viber for Android and iOS

Note: For Windows PC or Mac, you can freely download the application from viber.com/en/download.

5. Google Duo

In the last alternative to make video calls and conferences, 2020 is Google Duo, available as an app for Android and iPhone. The peculiarity of this application is that it offers high-quality calls with a maximum of 12 people and that you can interact between iPhone and Android. It is also possible to access an instant messaging instance, in which simultaneous messages can be sent in which files can be shared. If you want to have a personalized meeting or class with students, then this is your ideal app. To download it, simply use one of the instances shown below:

Download Google Duo for Android and iOS

Furthermore, it is important to note that Google Duo is not available for Windows or Mac computers. If you are looking for how to have video calls or video conferences from your PC, then you can choose one of the alternatives shown above.

That is all! With these 5 applications you can make video calls from any cell phone or PC without problems. After all, do you have any questions or queries? If you like, you can leave a comment in the section below.

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