How to Make Money Streaming Live Video Games (Detailed Review)

How to Make Money Streaming Live Video Games (Detailed Review)

How to Make Money Streaming Live Video Games (Detailed Review)

Do you want to know about how make money steaming live video games, or How to make money streaming or how to make money livestreaming videos? The love of video games can be not only a hobby but also a source of income. We tell how streaming will allow you to monetize your passion for shooters, strategies, and other game genres. By the way, you can stream not only this. Checkout below a detailed review about How to Make Money Streaming Live Video Games?

How to Make Money Streaming Live Video Games

Who Are Streamers and Where Do They Live

In the broadest sense, streaming is the conduct of live broadcasts on the Internet. Moreover, anything can be broadcast, whether it is a business conference, the process of preparing any dish, unpacking purchases, passing video games. And viewers can see the streamer thanks to the "picture in picture" mode. Thus, the word "streamer" is applicable to the authors of any such broadcasts. But most often it means gamers who play live online games, complementing the process with their comments and jokes.

Each streamer has its own channel, where it conducts video broadcasts. During these broadcasts, viewers can send him messages: they will appear in a separate window next to the video.

Streamers have a lot of sites for such self-expression. For example, YouTube video hosting has a separate channel for broadcasting - YouTube Live. You can stream in some social networks, for example, on the Facebook Live and VK Live platforms, and on the Twitch and Mixer services designed specifically for this. So far, competition is not as high as on other services, so each streamer has a real chance to promote his account and start making money.

What Streamers Earn (How Streamers Make Money Online)

There would be no thousands of streamers in the world if this activity did not bring material benefits. And the revenue of the most popular streamers is impressive. For example, Tyler Ninja Blevins, who is not yet 30 years old, received $ 17 million in Fortnite game streams last year.

What Streamers Earn (How Streamers Make Money Online)

Naturally, at the start, the streamer may not have any earnings at all, and even after the first thousand subscribers, the income will be purely symbolic. But the main thing is to start. Those who like to tell and show how they go through World of Tanks, Fortnite, the next Witcher, or do anything, there are at least four ways to monetize your passion.


These are voluntary donations that grateful viewers send to the account indicated in the profile. Often streamers collect donations for a specific purpose. This may be, for example, the purchase of more powerful equipment or paid options in games. The size of such “thanks” depends solely on the generosity of the audience. And they, in turn, value the quality of the stream and the personality of the streamer itself.

Paid Subscription (Make Money Streaming Live Video Games by Paid Subscription)

Streamer viewers who purchase a paid subscription receive additional features in exchange. For example, viewing broadcasts without ads. To enable this option, you need to fulfill a number of platform requirements - and be sure that there are willing to pay. Let's say on WASD.TV steaming network to connect a paid subscription you need to reach level 10 and create a set of stickers for subscribers.

Streaming Platform Affiliate Program to Earn Money Online

These are third-party ad impressions during broadcasts. This option is not available to all streamers. Platforms can offer it after reaching a certain number of subscribers and other parameters. So, to join the YouTube affiliate program, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months. For each thousand ad views, you can earn an average of about $ 3.

JoinTime, IRL Streamer said that after streaming the unpopular game “GVINT”, when I was streaming “for fun”, a man gave me 10,000 rubles for a chair. Then 4 people watched me. Now the earnings are very blurry, but I can say for sure that most male streamers have the main income from advertising. With my numbers, I earn about $ 1,000 a month.

Sponsorship Advertising  to Earn Money Live Streaming

These are all kinds of integrations of interesting brands, ranging from the sponsor’s description in the channel description and a small banner in the corner of the screen to the story about its product right during the broadcast. The problem is that making such an advertisement non-annoying is a special art that is not available to everyone.

How To Start Streaming (How to Make Money LiveStreaming)

Passing games is perhaps the most profitable direction in streaming. And if the stories of highly paid streamers inspire you, you love to play and are ready to show it. The first thing to do is to create a channel on one of the platforms and find a secluded place for the stream, where no one will distract you. Ideally - a separate room, and when you become a venerable streamer with a multi-thousand audience, you will have to acquire a separate studio.

How To Start Streaming (How to Make Money LiveStreaming)

For broadcasts, you need special software. In it, you will adjust the sound and picture parameters and choose a platform for streaming. There are many solutions for recording video and streaming, the most famous of them are Xsplit Broadcaster and Open Broadcaster Software. The first one is relatively easy to understand, but access to all its functions is paid. The second is free but more complicated. Fortunately, there are detailed manuals for setting it up.

A certain technical base will be required, and here everything is limited only by financial capabilities. The most economical option is a computer that can “pull” both the game and the broadcast, the webcam and microphone or headphones with a headset.

When you get involved and understand that you want to develop in this direction and improve the quality of others, you can buy a technique:

  • The second computer is actually for broadcasting (and the first is for passing the game).
  • Capture Card - A device for connecting two computers.
  • Professional microphone withstands - for a clearer sound.
  • Lighting devices - just so that your skin does not become earthy in the video. This often happens due to the light of ordinary chandeliers. An inexpensive LED lamp is also suitable, the direction and intensity of which can be adjusted.

What You Need To Earn On A Stream

At first, the equipment will certainly not be critical to the success of your channel. The main thing that attracts subscribers, and after them sponsors, is the uniqueness of the stream and your ability to turn the passage of the game into a process that is interesting to watch.

What You Need To Earn On A Stream

ScaryMita, Just Dance Streamer said, it is not necessary to have a top iron, the main thing is desire and time. Work on yourself, learn to communicate, and make shows. In general, I believe that the key to success is the human factor, this should always be remembered.

Although the human factor seems like a rather abstract concept, a few specific recommendations can be made.

Interact With The Viewer

Streams would not be so popular if the audience was only interested in the process of passing the game. Masterfully playing is not necessary at all, unless you are claiming victory in a cyber-tournament.

The viewer is interested in the broadcast content itself, the way the streamer behaves in the frame. And people come to the channel also for witty comments and answers to questions. A good streamer not only plays but also manages to read messages from the chat and respond to them.

Choose Your Niche Carefully

Hundreds of thousands of people are playing conditional Dota 2 today. There’s no point in just starting another channel about this game: you’ll be lost in the background of competitors. Or not - if you are sure that you can turn each stream into an exciting show thanks to emotions and relevant jokes. And yet, it might make sense to start with less popular games like Sims 4 or Overwatch.

You can make your streams informative. For example, if you are going through some kind of relatively old game, tell in parallel some interesting facts about it that the public may not remember.

Work on Speech

If you burry or stutter slightly, it does not matter, you can even do it with your own twist. Worse, if you take too long pauses, cut off your speech in a half-word, or abuse word-parasites. Salvation can be a streaming plan - so as not to get confused in the process and not forget something important.

Work on Speech

Record your test stream, this can be done, for example, in the program Open Broadcaster Software. No one will see him except you, and you will be able to look from the side, how you look and sound.

Stream Regularly

If you go on the air once a month, you’ll quickly get lost in the background of other newcomers. If you have the main work, you won’t be able to stream daily, but at least a couple of times a week is worth a try. If possible, stream on a schedule, and make announcements of new airs in your social networks.

Set Up Donation Reception

Last but not least. Some platforms have built-in donation systems when the viewer buys the site’s internal currency and gives it to the streamer. Such gifts are immediately displayed in the chat window.

There are third-party services for donations, such as Donation Alerts and Streamlabs, which work for a small commission.

Be patient: donations depend on the mood of the audience, and in the first months they may not be at all.

Try to motivate viewers to donate. Often, streamers offer to do something right on the air in exchange for a donation, for example, give the name of the donor or read out his message. If you like our detailed review about How to Make Money Streaming Live Video Games please don't forget to share it with your friends and family.

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