How to Kill All the Bosses in Doom Eternal Game

How to Kill All the Bosses in Doom Eternal Game

How to Kill All the Bosses in Doom Eternal Game

Are you looking for a method How to Kill All the Bosses in Doom Eternal or How to beat all the bosses in Doom Eternal Game? Doom Eternal game download is an extremely dynamic and rather hardcore shooter, especially at high difficulty levels. And if in the case of ordinary shootings there is only one advice - run and shoot, then in battles with bosses everything is not so simple. Do not worry in this article, we will talk about the weaknesses and features of these formidable opponents, as well as tell you how to better deal with them.

How to kill all the bosses in Doom Eternal

How to Beat All the Bosses in Doom Eternal Game

How to Kill a Doom Hunter

How to beat a Doom Hunter? Doom Hunter, you fight in the finale of the mission "Doom Hunter Base". This boss is a huge cybernetic demon created specifically for hunting the Executioner of Doom. The monster hovers above the ground with a special platform that replaces his legs, and among the weapons, he has an energy gun instead of his right hand, a chainsaw instead of his left, a rocket launcher firing several small shells, and two guns mounted on a floating platform. The Hunter himself is protected by an energy shield that absorbs all damage for the time being.

How to Kill a Doom Hunter

The shield in Doom Eternal Steam is perhaps the main problem in any battle with the Hunter. Specifically, in this mission, the situation is further complicated by the fact that the hero does not have so many weapons, there are only a shotgun and a super-shotgun, as well as a rocket launcher, a heavy gun, and a plasma gun. That's just with the help of plasminogen and it is necessary to destroy the shield. And not only is this, by the way, also plasma effective against soldiers with portable shields.

After the first line of defense of the Hunter of Doom falls, it is urgent to inflict as much damage as possible in order to destroy the floating platform. If this is not done, the boss will restore the shield, and the Executioner of Doom will have to start all over again. A few rockets will come in front, a well-aimed line from a heavy gun, and a sticky-grenade from a shotgun. Shoot both the platform and the boss. You can use a super-shotgun, clinging to the Hunter with a hook, but in this case, he can hurt the hero with a chainsaw.

As soon as the platform falls off the Hunter, it remains just to shoot at the boss from all that is. At this point, he is no longer able to restore the shield, so you can take your time. The main thing is not to let the hero die.

How to Kill Marauder

How to beat Marauder? The Marauder is probably the most persistent and unloved by the players' demon from Doom Eternal release. He is the only one who is vulnerable only in rare moments, and most of the battle he cannot be damaged. Even a shot from the BFG 9000!

How to Kill a Marauder

For the first time, you meet this boss in the final of the “Complex Arc” mission: in the small arena, there is only you, the Marauder and occasionally appearing zombies and soldiers who need to be sawn for cartridges. What to do in the battle with the boss? First of all, be patient.

If you just shoot the Marauder, he will immediately raise an impenetrable shield. At a long distance, he throws very dangerous clots of energy into the hero, which should be avoided with a jerk. If you approach the Marauder too quickly, he will shoot the executioner with his shotgun. The secret of success is to keep the boss at a medium distance - only then he decides to swing his huge ax, his eyes turn green and he opens for your attack.

How to Beat a Marauder

It is impossible to explain in words what the “average distance” is - you yourself have to find the distance at which the Marauder begins to swing his ax. But when you do it all the same, the battle will pass without problems. You are waiting for the right moment, you notice a green fire in the eyes of the boss and you shoot from a super-shotgun or ballista - any other weapon is much less effective.

You can find a lot of videos on YouTube, where players learned to injure the Marauder three times in a row, instantly switching from a shotgun to a ballista and vice versa. If you catch the rhythm, then you can achieve such a result.

How to Kill A Gladiator

How to Beat a Gladiator? You will meet the Gladiator in the finale of the Sentinel Prime mission. This boss is an erect horned demon armed with a brush and a huge shield. The first he is able to get the executioner at almost any distance, and with the help of a shield, the boss not only defends himself but also creates an energy wave that moves towards the hero. In the second phase, the Gladiator will lose the shield and get the second brush.

How to Kill A Gladiator

The battle tactics with the boss are about the same as with the Marauder. During the first phase, you need to monitor the face shown on the shield and wait for her eyes to turn green. At this moment, you need to attack. Given that the battle takes place in the around gladiatorial arena, and the boss himself is almost always in its center, it’s worth shifting to the left side of it. You can also go to the right, but in this case, almost all of your attacks run the risk of falling into the shield that the Gladiator is holding in his left hand.

In a word, we move to the left all the time, cutting one circle after another, gutting weak demons into cartridges, armor, and first-aid kits and waiting for the eyes on the shield to turn green, and then attack. If you manage to inflict enough damage on the boss through this window, he will blink, and you will conduct him a particularly powerful melee attack. She will not kill him, but she will be severely crippled.

How to Beat a Gladiator

When the first streak of the boss’s life ends, the Executioner of Doom will destroy the shield, and the Gladiator will replace it with a second bristle. And the list of his tricks will be replenished: the boss will begin to spin his weapon briskly in front of him to repel all your attacks, and will also throw huge chains at the Executioner while locking the hero in a small area of the arena. In the first case, you just have to wait until the boss finishes waving his face in the face with a brush, and in the second - maneuver in a small area, avoiding contact with the chains.

The attacking tactics, however, will remain the same - to wait until the eyes turn green, only now it’s not about the shield, but about the eyes of the Gladiator. You can shoot at him just like that, however, it’s rare windows with “green eyes” that can inflict maximum damage on him.

How to kill Khan Maykr

How to beat Khan Maykr? Khan the Maykris a flying cyber angel protected by an energy shield. The executioner of Roka will have to fight with her in the penultimate mission called “Urdak”.

How to kill Kang Creator

The Khan Maykr, like previous bosses, calls for the help of the minions. She doesn’t mean helpless zombies, soldiers, and gargoyles, but armored angels. Those who should be killed with a well-aimed shot in the head. At the speeds with which shootings usually take place in Doom Eternal PS4, setting headshots is another task. Avoid this, however, it will not work - ammo and health are needed.

The Khan Maykr herself during the battle flies over the battlefield, attacks the hero with lots of energy, and from time to time sets fire to about half of the arena, which makes it even faster to run. It’s impossible to cause damage just like that - you must first knock down the shield from it, and then catch on the hook of the super-shotgun, fly up to the boss and hit her with his fist. Repeat this six times.

How to beat Kang Creator

Shoot down the shield better with a plasma rifle in Doom Eternal switch. A rocket launcher also works well - especially if an upgrade is installed on it, which allows you to capture the enemy in the sight and shoot homing missiles at him. In order not to suffer from ordinary angels, it is worthwhile to install a rune that slows down the time when you aim from a heavy cannon with optics in a jump - so it’s much more convenient to shoot at the heads. We should not forget that in the center of the arena lies a charge for the BFG 9000 - it will help you out when it gets really hot.

How to kill the Sin Icon

How to beat the Sin Icon? Sin Icon in Doom Eternal PC game is a final boss. Truly a huge demon, growth exceeding the height of an average skyscraper. This monster will have to fight in two phases: first on several floors of the destroyed house, and then on the roof. And all this time the danger for the Executioner will come not only from the Icon of Sin itself but also from the numerous demons that appear on the battlefield. This is not only zombies but also mancubuses, barons of hell, like dedemons, gargoyles ... in a word, who will not be there.

How to kill the Sin Icon

The main thing - in all this hell not to go crazy and not to get confused. Your task in the first phase of the battle is to destroy the eight elements of the armor in which the Icon of Sin is bound. There are no special conditions - just shoot at the boss. As soon as you inflict enough damage on one or another element of the armor, its piece will fall off and expose the body of the boss.

When all eight elements in Doom Eternal Gameplay of the armor are destroyed, the battle will go into the second phase, and the Executioner of Doom and the demons will move to the roof of the skyscraper. Here the conditions are similar: the Icon of Sin has eight parts of the body, each of which needs to be destroyed and the strip of the health of the boss must be reduced to zero.

It sounds simple, but in fact, in the first and second phases of Doom Eternal Xbox One, ordinary demons will really bother you. In addition, the boss himself attacks the executioner with clots of energy, hits him with a huge fist, sets fire to the floor under his feet, and tries to kill in every possible way. And if from the attacks of the Icon of Sin you just need to dodge or run through the portals, then ordinary demons will have to pay close attention.

How to beat the Sin Icon

In order for the hero to live a little easier in this battle, the developers placed energy for the Crucible on the arena in both phases and recharged the “Blood Strike”. Plus, at the level, you can also find charges for the BFG 9000, a direct hit from which can destroy the boss of one of the body parts. However, it will not be easy to get in. Therefore, it is better to leave BFG to large clusters of ordinary demons. There is a lot of fuel for the chainsaw in the area - all so that you deal with the monsters as actively as possible.

There is no particular tactic in the battle with the Icon of Sin - you just need to run very fast, look around, do not remain without important resources and shoot, shoot, shoot all the time. Every second for which you did not make a single shot is a second wasted.

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