12 High Paying Skills to Learn to Make Money in 2020

12 High Paying Skills to Learn to Make Money in 2020

12 High Paying Skills to Learn to Make Money in 2020

Mostly people search the most High Paying Skills to Learn to Make Money in 2020. So today we discuss it. The labor market is constantly changing, and with it the image of the ideal candidate. We talk about the most sought-after competencies of the future, and so you can get them now, together with TechtoPedia.com: look for it in the article.

12 High Paying Skills to Learn to Make Money in 2020

Most Popular and High Paying Skills of 2020

You can master these universal skills that are useful in different fields, even without leaving your home, for example, on online courses. Checkout below the most

High Paying Skills to Learn to Make Money in 2020

1. Basic Knowledge of HTML layout and CSS

There are many designers with a built-in visual editor in which you can quickly create a website and landing page or beautifully compose a letter. But all these services have very limited functionality. If you need to collect custom landing pages, publish an article on a corporate blog, or come up with a design for email distribution, it is better to have basic knowledge of HTML layout and CSS. It is included one of the best Skills that Will Be Paid More in 2020.

2. The Basics of Game Design

Many of Generation Y and Z, who are now between 20 and 30 years old, have grown up on computer games. Therefore, in everyday services they want to see elements of gamification. Basic knowledge of game design and game mechanics will be especially useful for those involved in educational applications or product promotion.

3. VR and AR Technologies

These achievements of the digital era have long ceased to be an instrument of the entertainment industry only. In the future, such technologies will be widely used for training, communication, and faster obtaining information about products. Advanced companies are already conducting training for employees using VR glasses or similar gadgets.

You do not need to delve deeply into the topic of VR and AR interfaces, if you do not plan to develop or promote them. But it’s useful to have at least a rough idea of how they are arranged.

4. Knowledge of Foreign Languages

English proficiency in the search for a high-paying position has long ceased to be an advantage over other candidates: now it is a necessity. Without this competence, the developer will not be able to study the documentation for the new programming language, the PR specialist will not be able to communicate with foreign clients and media representatives, and the lead manager will not be able to speak at foreign industry conferences.

But knowledge of another common language can really bring extra points when looking for a job. Even if you speak Chinese, but apply for a position where it will not be used, this is still a plus. For the employer, this will be a signal that you are truly a trained and focused person. It is a nice way to Make Money in 2020.

5. Ownership of A Wide Range Of Programs And OS

Imagine using Windows all your life and getting a new job in a media, creative agency, or technology company. Perhaps there, instead of the usual operating system, mac-OS will meet you. If the difficulties of adapting to a new program shell last longer than the first week, you will not work very productively and spoil your new colleagues' impression of yourself.

Of course, all the products that exist on the market, you definitely cannot learn. But it is worth expanding your horizons and trying to work with different programs. It’s already in the order of things when, for example, an email marketer can make a letter layout without the help of a front-end developer, and an SMM manager can remove and mount a simple video clip on a computer.

6. Processing A Large Amount Of Data

The analysis of a large amount of information helps to develop a business, especially related to the use of artificial intelligence. A project or product manager in a technology startup should learn the basics of machine learning and data science. This is necessary in order to simply understand in detail what it is dealing with, and speak the same language with the development team. It is a good way to Make Money Online in 2020.

Soft Skills

Soft skills.jpg

It is not so easy to learn these skills because most part are a continuation of personal qualities. But soft skills can be developed with experience.

1. Time Management and Self-Discipline

These skills are especially useful when working remotely. This skill is becoming increasingly popular. 159% Increase in Remote Work Since 2005: FlexJobs & Global Workplace Analytics Report. Out-of-office employees benefit from business. After all, they do not need to provide a separate workplace and spend money on equipment. In addition, companies can hire qualified professionals from around the world.

If you cannot work from home and need a very clear “motivator” in the form of a boss behind your back, then in the future you will have a hard time.

2. Critical Thinking

For the generation of our parents, the media were authoritative sources that the majority trusted by default. Today, in the era of fake news what is fake news? How to spot it and what you can do to stop the situation turned around 180 degrees. Almost any message in the media or social networks, especially the resonant one, is worth checking. The ability to critically look at information and distinguish stupidity and provocation from reality has become very important.

3. Creativity

Robots and programs are gradually replacing human jobs. Now, these are call center managers, technical support staff, cashiers, sellers, and many others. Therefore, in the future, employers will much more value people who offer innovative solutions to problems and a creative approach.

4. Fast Learner

New programs, design trends and programming languages will need to be dealt with quickly. Future technologies are already rapidly being introduced into many areas. And the faster you can master them, the easier it will be to move up the career ladder. And whether it will work out for you depends on self-discipline, and on the flexibility of your thinking, and, of course, on desire.

5. Tolerance and Empathy

Homophobia, fat phobia, ageism, sexism and racism will not help you achieve a high position and salary. Quite the contrary: in some companies, due to aggressive prejudices, one can lose one's job.

The world around us is changing. What was previously considered a taboo today is becoming a variant of the norm. Those who are not able to accept this will have a hard time: conservatism and chauvinism are clearly not worth the price.

6. Presentation Skills

Speaking at conferences, presenting a product, negotiating with partners, shooting a corporate video - in these and many other situations, you will need oratory and communication skills. It is hardly possible to build a career by looking exclusively at the screen of a monitor or other gadget. Contacting and negotiating with people, keeping a distance, is necessary.

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