The Top Best Smartphones of 2019 According To the Guardian

The Top Best Smartphones of 2019 According To the Guardian

The Top Best Smartphones of 2019 According To the Guardian

Are you looking for the top best Smartphones of 2019 or best mobile phones 2019? Flagships are worthy of attention for every taste and budget.

The Top Best Smartphones of 2019 According To the Guardian

The Guardian has published the top best smartphones of 2019 in several categories. This is a kind of phone selection guide for those who consider only flagship models.

Top Best Smartphone 2019: OnePlus 7T Pro

An improved version of the already excellent OnePlus 7 Pro has retained its best features, adding a super-macro shooting mode and a faster fingerprint scanner. In addition, it runs on a single charge for about 32 hours - an excellent result for the flagship. WarpCharge's proprietary fast charge allows you to charge the battery up to 70% in just 34 minutes.

Pros: stunningly beautiful display, high performance, and multitasking, fast on-screen fingerprint scanner.

Cons: The 6.67-inch display is not suitable for people with small hands.

Top Best iOS smartphone 2019: iPhone 11 Pro

The smaller version of Apple’s flagship combines a compact design, a bright, crisp screen, high performance, a significantly improved triple camera and about 5 years of software updates about 2 years more than other companies offer. The smartphone could compete with OnePlus for the title of the best, but due to the lack of 5G, a non-standard connector, and a high price tag, the editors made a choice, not in favor of this model.

Pros: the most powerful yet compact iPhone and one of the best smartphones of the year.

Cons: price tag and iOS (if you are not a fan of the system).

Best Compact Android smartphone 2019: Samsung Galaxy S10

The winner in this category clearly demonstrates how in 2019 the idea of small smartphones has changed. The Galaxy S10 received a 6.1-inch (!) AMOLED display, but due to the minimal frames, it does not look huge (though a good stretch of the fingers is still required). It is quite powerful and has already received Android 10, only the battery life has let us down: do not expect it to last more than a day.

Pros: the excellent ratio of screen size to the front panel, no notches in the screen, adequate price tag.

Cons: not a very big battery.

Best Mobile Phone 2019 with a better camera: Huawei P30 Pro

Although DxOMark was named the best camera phone by Huawei Mate 30 Pro, The Guardian chose P30 Pro with Leica optics in this category. The 20-megapixel ultra-wide-angle module is suitable for shooting architecture, the main one at 40 megapixels is impressive in resolution and is complemented by a telephoto camera that provides 5x optical zoom - which already sounds impressive for a smartphone. In addition, there is a hybrid 10x zoom and digital 50x - in case you have to shoot from a really long distance.

Pros: an excellent camera from a well-known manufacturer of optics in a top-end smartphone.

Cons: big enough.

Best Value for Money: OnePlus 7T Mobile Phone

This smartphone offers almost everything the same as the Pro version but in a more miniature and budget form. The 6.4-inch OLED screen, Snapdragon 855+ processor, a fast fingerprint scanner in the display, good cameras and fast charging at a price of $498.

For: an ideal model for those who want a flagship, but are not ready to fork out for $ 800+.

Cons: hardly suitable for someone for whom the camera is the main thing on a smartphone.

Worthy of Mention

The main “nominations” end there, but The Guardian also noted the following models:
  • iPhone 11 ;
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max;
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e ;
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 + ;
  • Samsung Galaxy Note10 + ;
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G;
  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro ;
  • Google Pixel 4 XL.

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