Google Explains Why Pixel 4 Portrait Mode So Good?

Google Explains Why Pixel 4 Portrait Mode So Good?

Google Explains Why Pixel 4 Portrait Mode So Good?

Recently Google Explains Why Pixel 4 Portrait Mode So Good. Google has detailed the operation of the Google Pixel 4 camera when making portraits and explains why they are better than before. Read below how Google explains the science behind Pixel 4's Portrait Mode?

Google Explains Why Pixel 4 Portrait Mode So Good

Google explains the science behind Pixel 4's Portrait Mode

Since Apple introduced the portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus and shortly after Google also put it on the Google Pixel 2, this feature has expanded to mobile phones of all brands and prices. Being able to blur the background to have photographs with a much more professional look is almost mandatory.

But not all phones perform that blur in the same way, and Google has possibly the best results with the Pixel 4. But how do they do it? So Google explains why Pixel 4 Portrait Mode is good.

In the Google blog dedicated to artificial intelligence, some engineers have explained how this feature works in this year's Google Pixel, the first of the company to have two rear cameras.

How blurring works on Pixel 2 and Pixel 4 Portrait Mode

In models prior to Pixel 4, Google used the Dual Pixel auto-focus to measure the position of the elements in a scene. In this way, it divided the pixels into two virtually, causing them to focus on the same object. The minimal difference in position in the Dual Pixel made the front object move slightly with respect to the background. The same happens if we look at an object with both eyes, then with one and then with another. There are slight clipping changes with the background. And that is what Google used to blur.

This measurement, called parallax, depends on the distance from the camera to the object, which is why lime is more noticeable in the first image than in the second.

How It Is Measured in Pixel 4 Portrait Mode

According to Google Explains Why Pixel 4 Portrait Mode So Good, in the models prior to this year, the distance between the two virtual pixels of the Dual Pixel Autofocus was less than 1 mm, so the difference in images was smaller. In Pixel 4, having two cameras, the separation is 13 mm, much greater. You can see the difference in the same image taken from man.

But this does not mean that Google despises the first form of measurement. In fact, the Dual Pixel Autofocus helps measure distances vertically by the camera configuration and then provides that data to those already given by the dual camera.

In this way in Pixel 4 Portrait Mode, a more detailed depth map is obtained than if only one measurement form was used.

How the Background Is Blurred

But not only in the measurement of data are the novelties, but also in how the back areas are blurred. Before, a blur treatment was performed after converting the RAW file to JPG, which caused detail to be lost. Now, this conversion is previous, and the result is seen especially in the lights, which with an SLR camera gives us those points of light so characteristic.

All these reasons make the Pixel 4 possibly have the best portrait mode on a smartphone. It may not reach the level of professional SLR cameras, but it is the mobile that is closest.

In this album shared by Google engineers, you can see examples of how blurring is done now, and how it has improved with respect to the previous system. If you like "Google Explains Why Pixel 4 Portrait Mode So Good" kindly share this information with your friends.

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