50 Best Tips for Productive Work, How to Be More Productive

50 Best Tips for Productive Work, How to Be More Productive

50 Best Tips for Productive Work, How to Be More Productive

Today we are going to share 50 informative tips for productive work. Best old techniques and unexpected tricks that will help direct the forces to important matters.

50 Best Tips for Productive Work, How to Be More Productive

Manage time and tasks (Tips for productive work)

1. Slow down Time

We usually take 12 to 15 breaths per minute. If you breathe deeper, you can "slow down" the perception of time. To do this, inhale using the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. Take 7–9 such deep breaths at the beginning of your work day, before taking on a difficult task, or when you are nervous.

2. Carefully check the work so that you do not redo it

Remember the proverb "Measure seven times, cut once"? It is better to double check that you did everything correctly than to waste time correcting errors.

3. Watch TV less

If you add up all the time that we spend on movies, TV shows, and other programs, you get years. But it still takes time to choose what to see, and then discuss what they see. Better to spend it on something useful.

4. Wake up earlier

This will give you more time to work. You can calmly answer letters and plan the day or take the time to yourself: read and do sports.

5. Keep a time diary

Mark what you spend it on for a few months. You will notice when the time is wasted and at what intervals you are particularly productive.

6. Use the waiting time with benefits

While you are sitting in a queue, you can read an article for which there was not enough time, parse mail, or draft a draft of an important document.

7. Do not keep everything in your head

It is included one the Best Tips for Productive Work. Write down a list of to-do items, purchases, or creative ideas so that thoughts of them do not distract from your work. Trying to keep them in your head, you will create yourself extra stress.

8. Spend a little time once to save in the future.

Such a rule can be applied to everything. When cooking dinner, make twice as many servings and freeze half. The next few evenings will no longer have to cook and wash the extra dishes. Wipe the sink and shower after each use so that you do not spend half an hour to thoroughly clean them over the weekend.

9. Make decisions faster

The time it takes to oscillate and weigh all the pros and cons can be spent on something really important. So make a decision and move on.

10. Manage your task list

Usually, we cross out only what we did. But sometimes you need to cross out what you definitely do not have time to do, otherwise, the list will grow and put pressure on you.

11. Group similar tasks.

For example, set aside one day for cleaning and other household chores. One day for meetings, another for content creation.

12. Do not write long messages.
Let them be concise: most messages can fit in five sentences.

13. Exclude from the schedule.

It is one the Best Tips for Productive Work. Most likely, you have already assumed too many things. Look at your calendar and think about what you can refuse. For example, doing things that do not help advance the goal takes too much energy or no longer fits into your life.

14. Avoid multitasking

Switching from one case to another, you work slower and more tired. Choose one task and focus on it.

Try productivity techniques (Tips for Productive Work)

15. Master the Pomodoro technique

Work in sections of 25 minutes, and then take a five-minute break. During work, try not to be distracted by anything, and during the break, rest and not look at the phone.

16. Use the chain method

Cross-date the dates in the calendar when you managed to do everything planned or to perform a big task. In a few days, you will have a chain that you do not want to break.

17. Note the two minutes rule.

If the task can be completed in two minutes or less, do it and do not postpone it. This rule is used by David Allen, the founder of the Get Things Done system.

18. Enter into the habit of the method "must, must, want"

Ask yourself three questions every morning. What should I do to make the maximum contribution today? What should I do to improve my future? What do I want to do to live today with pleasure?

19. Try to enter flight mode

Imagine that you are on a plane and turn off the Internet so that you will not be distracted by anything. In an hour of in-depth work, you can do more than 2–3 ordinary hours.

20. Consider Ultradian Rhythms

These are natural biorhythms of the body, which are repeated every 90–120 minutes. Watch your ups and downs of energy to understand for how long to plan difficult tasks, and when it is better to arrange a break.

21. Set up days without meetings

Get one day a week, during which you will not be distracted by meetings, and you will only do basic work. If you personally have no authority, suggest this idea to the manager.

22. Conduct Sunday check

Contact your team to make sure everything is ready by Monday. Or arrange a brief calibration for yourself. Make sure you have a plan for the week and you have not forgotten anything.

Help yourself concentrate (Best Tips for Productive Work)

23. Disable notifications

While working on an important task, do not get distracted by mail and social networks. Set aside a specific time to check and reply to messages.

24. Consider that you will be distracted

This is inevitable, so leave space in the schedule, so you do not get nervous.

25. Move deadline

If you think that the task will take an hour to complete, set yourself a deadline after 40 minutes. You will have to work faster, which means you will not be distracted by other things.

26. Make a list of cases at the time of procrastination

For example, to get out on the table, sort through documents read about the news in their professional field.

27. Make a list of what not to do

Put into it bad habits that take time and interfere with productivity. Keep this list in front of your eyes so as not to succumb to them.

28. Use Password Manager

Then you will not have to spend time painfully recalling the password from a rarely used mailbox or recover data to access the site.

Energize (Best Tips for Productive Work)

29. Exercise

This will enhance physical health and charge a good mood. Try getting up a little earlier and go jogging or do yoga.

30. Eat right

Avoid fast food, sweet and fast carbs. They give a burst of energy only for a short time. Prefer foods that are high in fiber, combine fast carbs with slow ones.

31. Calculate caffeine intake.

Caffeine begins to act approximately 40 minutes after ingestion. So drink coffee or tea not at the moment when you start the task, but in advance.

32. Meditate

It relaxes and helps develop concentration skills. Start with the simplest option - close your eyes and focus on breathing.

33. Maintain a suitable indoor temperature

If you are too hot or too cold, it will not work effectively. For most people, the most comfortable temperature is 21–22.

Correctly Tune

34. Determine the desired result in advance

Before calling someone or starting a task, think about what you want to achieve with this action. Then evaluate whether you have achieved the desired result. If not, think what went wrong and how to fix it.

35. Develop thinking growth

Believe that you can develop the necessary skills and become better if you make an effort. See all difficulties as an opportunity to learn something new. This is the thinking of growth.

36. At the end of one week, prepare for the next

Disassemble the mail and try to close all unresolved issues. Clean up the desktop. View the calendar and task list for the next week. Perhaps something can be eliminated and replaced by deeds that you have long postponed.

37. Keep a thank-you diary

Every evening writes three things for him that you were grateful for today. It helps to see more opportunities and positive in life. If three things are not typed, describe one thing, but in more detail.

38. Learn to say no

Many find it difficult to refuse new responsibilities, but there comes a time when it is simply necessary. Otherwise, you bring yourself to burnout.

39. Give yourself time to rest

For example, get in the habit of turning off the phone for the weekend and not responding to work messages in the evening. Sometimes you need to forget about everything related to business and just recharge.

40. Set goals-processes

These are the actions you need to take on the way to a big goal. For example, if you want to increase sales by 25%, your goal-process is to ring a certain number of potential customers per day.

41. Admit your mistakes and move on.

Do not self-flagellation. Take a lesson from an error in order not to repeat it in the future, and live on.

Organize workflow and prioritize

42. Do not use too many applications

Now a lot of calendars, trackers and other assistance to help in the struggle for productivity. And if you use them all at once, then, on the contrary, complicate your life. Therefore, limit yourself to a few essential ones.

43. Share your calendar

It's easier to schedule meetings and not forget about joint deadlines. You can make and family calendar, which will be recorded common activities and household duties.

44. Plan no more than three important tasks per day

Long lists of cases are ineffective: you simply do not have the strength to perform many large tasks in one day. Identify the three most important ones, and devote the rest of the time to smaller matters.

45. Keep on hand paper with a pen

If during the work you come up with a useful thought, just write it down and forget it for a while. Trying to keep it in mind, you will be distracted and come out of the flow state.

46. ​​Include time to travel and rest

Do not plan things closely. Almost always there are some problems and emergency situations. Consider this in your daily plan.

47. Find a mentor

He can share tips that once helped him. And caution against mistakes waiting for you on the way.

48. Do not dwell on the whole task

Go in small steps. Focus on what needs to be done first, then the next step, and so on. Otherwise, the amount of work will paralyze you, and you will begin to procrastinate.

49. Forget about perfectionism

The ideal does not exist. This is a product of our imagination, which simply cannot be translated into reality. Do the job well and start the next job.

50. Encourage yourself

A reward for achieving a goal or passing an important stage will increase motivation and simply improve your mood. The main thing is not to reward yourself with sweets - better to go for a relaxing massage.

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