How to Play World War Z Game - Best Windows Game

How to Play World War Z Game - Best Windows Game

How to Play World War Z Game

Do you know that how to play World War Z game? Select the appropriate class, decide on a weapon and do not forget to build a defense.

The action of the cooperative shooter World War Z, which was released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, takes place in the universe of the film and the book “War of Z Worlds”. Zombie epidemics are raging in the world, and the survivors are trying to get to the shelters to hide from it.

How to Play World War Z Game - Best Windows Game

A group of four people will have to defend themselves against the hordes of the living dead. Not only an extensive arsenal of weapons but also various barricades and traps will help them in this.

Characters which classes are in World War Z Game

There are six classes in the game. Which one you choose can have a big effect on the outcome of the mission. In World War Z between classes, there are no such big differences, as, for example, in over watch. But each character boasts unique skills that are suitable for different styles of play.

How to Play World War Z Game

Gunner (Gunslinger)

A character in this class has access to the fastest weapon, with which he effectively kills whole crowds of enemies. Behind the arrow is quite simple to play, because it deals a lot of damage. Most of his skills enhance guns and optimize ammunition consumption.

Demoman (Hellraiser)

This character is great explosives. It is equally useful in both defense and offense. A significant part of his skills increases the damage from bombs and grenade launchers.

Hangman (Slasher)

A great option for fans of hand-to-hand combat. In addition to the machete, he has a stun gun, which temporarily disables zombies.

This is one of the weakest characters in the game until you start using skills to increase stamina and melee damage.


The only healing class in World War Z. He starts the game with a pistol, a shot from which restores health to the allies. He also has a camouflage grenade: drop it and the enemies will stop seeing you and your comrades.

Definitely worth taking a medic, if you play at high levels of difficulty, and coordination in your team is lost.

Techie (Fixer)

A class of support that supplies allies with ammunition. Very useful at high levels of difficulty when every cartridge counts. If it is important for you that your team is always prepared for combat, then this class is for you.

Fighter (Exterminator)

It copes with explosive substances, in particular with mines and Molotov cocktails. Many of his abilities cause damage not immediately, but gradually, so it is worthwhile to think of attacks in advance. This is a universal class: it is useful at any level of complexity and in any composition of fighters.

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What weapons are in World War Z Game

World War Z has a lot of it. It is divided into three types, except for heavy and melee weapons. In some situations, some guns are much more useful than others.

Type 1
This includes the following weapons:

Rifle Mini-21;
Compact submachine gun Gal 9;
Shotgun M500;
1911 Protector Pistol;
Automatic gun Geist 17MP.
The weapon of the first type is available at the very beginning of the mission - which one depends on the chosen class. With the help of a submachine gun and a shotgun is better to deal with large groups of zombies. And on a regular gun, you can install a silencer to kill enemies on the sly and not attract too much attention.

Type 2
These include:

Automatic machine ARK-103;
Carbine PAC-15;
Submachine gun TMP5;
Combat shotgun S890;
Sniper rifle MK110;
Compact submachine gun Senjata PDW;
Shortened shotgun S890 Shorty.
These guns without problems can be found in the process of passing. They will be a good help in battle, even at high levels of difficulty. Particular attention should be paid to the machine gun and carbine: they cause quite a lot of damage. A combat shotgun and a compact submachine gun are also good options.

Type 3
The most powerful and rare cannons are:

Assault rifle HW416;
HAMR-17 assault rifle;
Automatic bullpup XTAR-95;
Improved submachine gun Keris V10;
Assault shotgun "Taiga-12";
Crossbow Repeater X.
Especially noteworthy is the assault rifle, assault rifle, and improved submachine gun. With the help of them to deal with the enemies of the easiest and fastest.

Heavy Weapon

Large clusters of zombies are best mowed with this weapon:

RPG4 rocket launcher;
Casull 6;
Anti-Material rifle BF25;
Thumper GL rocket launcher;
Hailstorm MGL multiply grenade launcher;
MAG5 machine gun;
SchreiTech Forrest Warrior chain saw;
Assault rifle "Taiga-12".

Melee Weapon

This includes only machetes and shovels. You should not use them as your main weapon - only if you do not play for the executioner. But if you run out of ammunition or need to quietly cut down the enemy, then the melee weapons will have to be the way.
How to Play World War Z Game

What is the difference zombies in World War Z

Killing an ordinary enemy in World War Z can be no problem. Enough a couple of shots to the body or one apt hit in the head. But there are special zombies in the game: in order not to die from their paws, you will have to think strategically.


A huge pile of the living dead, who are able to climb each other and climb over high obstacles. A swarm can look deadly. But if you put up a reliable defense and use a rapid-fire weapon, then you will be fine.

If the horde climbs the wall, then shoot at the zombies that are at the bottom. So you throw on the ground those that have almost climbed up. And still try to shoot the swarm from afar, until he gets close and swallows you up.

Chemist (Hazmat)

Such a zombie is wearing a bright yellow suit of chemical protection. If you shoot him in the body, then a poisonous cloud of gas is formed, which gradually causes damage. Therefore, the chemist needs to shoot in the head. It is desirable when it is far away from you.


Big zombie in a police suit, which can accelerate and knock you down. Shoot him in the back or in the visor of the helmet - these are his weak points. Otherwise, spend the ammo in vain.

Slider (Creeper)

Constantly hiding in the shadows and attacking at the most unexpected moment. As soon as you see the slider, shoot at him immediately, otherwise, he will surely cling to one of you with a dead grip.

How to defend in World War Z

In many tasks you will have to hold a position, shooting off constantly attacking enemies. To survive, you need to use different traps and turrets.

Barbed Wire

If a zombie clings to it, it will not be able to move, and perhaps even die.

Turret installation

Stationary machine gun, from which you can shoot yourself. It copes well with large groups of enemies but has blind spots. Therefore, look carefully around and in case of anything, shoot the zombies running up from the side and behind with your own weapons.


From it you can conduct aimed fire at large clusters of enemies. Especially effective if you shoot at the narrow passages in which the infected have gathered.

Automatic turret

She discovers and shoots zombies. Very useful thing, but you need to place it in the right places and do not forget to replenish ammunition.

Electric Trap

Temporarily stuns enemies. If you control any passage alone, then such a trap will be extremely useful.

What Else Is Important To Remember

Despite the fact that World War Z is a cooperative game, you can go through the entire campaign offline. In the case of live players, it will be replaced by bots. True, they are effective only at low levels of complexity.
If you are playing on the console, click the up arrow to mark a special infected or useful item for allies.
In order not to shoot at each other, line up with partners in a horizontal line. And if you are ahead, then bend down.
Before moving forward, look for supplies at the location. They will be useful to you.
The enemy automatic turret can be hacked so that it shoots not at you but in a zombie. We hope you will diffidently understand about How to Play World War Z Game. If you have any query about How to Play World War Z Game feel free to ask us through comment box.

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