How can Freelance Designers make Passive Income

How can Freelance Designers make Passive Income

How can Freelance Designers make Passive Income

Do you wan to know how can freelance designers make passive income? Everyone wants to earn more and more money. It is the nature of human beings. Freelance designers may have usual freelance graphic design work but they want a way to earn even more. This article is all about passive income that freelance designers can have.

How can Freelance Designers make Passive Income

Freelancer has an advantage that he is free to decide the timings and load of his work. Freelance designers can use this benefit to gain more money.

How can Freelance Designers make Passive Income


The best way to gain extra money is to write about what you know. As you expertise in designing you should write about it. Write about your experience in the field. You can also make tutorials. They is a huge demand of tutorials on the internet.

Make a blog of you own and then start writing. You can publish your experience and tutorials in the blog. When you have a blog getting good traffic you get advertisers and thus you get money.

When you have a blog you can do guest posting as well. Many big design sites pay you for your posts.

Another way of getting money by writing is to write an ebook. If you have written a good book it will get thousands of dollars for you.

How can Freelance Designers make Passive Income

Stock Graphics

It is not a very easy job but if you get used to it you will earn plenty of money. What you have to do is to sell your stock graphics at different markets. You can also make a web store of your own. It will give you passive income.

Side Project

Side projects are the small tools and services you offer. The money you get from them depends on the type of tool or service you are offering. You can earn a great sum of money from them in general. For example, you can make a grid system or a sidebar and sell it to many people. The best thing about this method of earning money is that you will not have to put much effort but you will earn more. There are many people out there who are willing to buy such tools and services just to make their work easier.

Design Contests

You can participate in different contents on the internet. This also gives you an opportunity to show your work to the people and get your visibility increased. If your design is good then even if you don’t win the contest, people will know about you and will hire you. On the other hand, if you win the contest you will get hundreds of dollars. You are always in benefit. Try to give these contests your best shot so that you are able to get clients as well as the prize money.


There are many ways on the internet with the help of which you can get passive income. Try to figure out the best one for you and then stick to it. But remember to keep it aside work. You should keep on doing the freelance graphic design work for your clients.

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