How to Optimize Windows with TweakNow PowerPack

How to Optimize Windows with TweakNow PowerPack

How to Optimize Windows with TweakNow PowerPack

Today we discuss how to optimize Windows with TweakNow PowerPack? A simple guide to best customize Windows operating system with TweakNow PowerPack; an application consisting of many disk cleaning utilities, registry optimization, system information and much more.

How to Optimize Windows with TweakNow PowerPack

As seen from the first screen this program supports all Windows 32 and 64 bit versions. We begin to discover the program and go to Disk Cleaner in the upper left:

Now with the Scan Drivers button we can scan connected devices and delete obsolete and unused files.

Another useful function is Disk Usage Analyzer that allows you to analyze the disks so as to understand how much space is occupied by each individual folder. The interface shows for each folder a green bar sized according to the size.

Switching to Miscellaneous Tools We See the Following Screen:

The tools contained in this section are:

  • Auto Shutdown is a tool to shut down, restart, disconnect or start system standby at a scheduled and scheduled time.

  • CD AutoRun as the word itself is used to disable the auto-play of CD-DVD and USB media.

  • Great for preventing infections due to USB media.

  • Configuration Files is very similar to msconfig in fact allows you to edit the file BOOT.ini, System.ini, Win.ini even if it is not recommended for less experienced as a minimum error on the BOOT.ini, would make the boot null and so the system does not even start in safe mode so watch out!

  • Process manager and a classic Task Manager useful for tracking down any viruses, trojans or malicious files running, as it precisely indicates the location of the file

  • TweakNow Shortcut is used to create links and set the priority of RAM and CPU usage.

  • RAM Optimizer is used to reduce and customize the RAM consumption level; recommended if you have very little RAM storage in your system.

  • Virtual Desktop a series of virtual desktops useful for launching various applications and managing them from multiple desktops.
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In the Registry Cleaner section we can repair and delete unused and therefore useless registry keys.

This section is dedicated to defragmentation of the registry. A warning in English above says that you must close all applications before starting defragmentation and recommend that you save all open documents.

In Startup Manager there is a list of all programs running automatically and you can delete them or add them with the appropriate Delete or Add buttons.

In System Information there is a report of all the components installed as Video Card, Motherboard, RAM usage, the model and brand of the processor, our IP address, the hours of connection to the system, indicates the details of the system in use.

In the Track Cleaner section you can delete traces of Internet Explorer or other applications. In fact, on Other Application all the programs installed in our system are available and it is possible to delete the traces and the recent documents.

Uninstall Program module dedicated to uninstalling programs.

Now let's move on to the most interesting section of this program, namely Windows Secret. Here it is possible to put restrictions on the system; type disable the command prompt, the task manager, or add a program to a list of programs where the opening is disabled. Continue reading about how to Optimize Windows with TweakNow PowerPack

How to optimize Windows with TweakNow PowerPack

As you can see, the interface is quite intuitive but let's briefly see what it is possible to do.

  • Applications is particularly concerned with the use of Internet Explorer, in fact it is possible to disable the file menu, modify, favorites and it is possible to change the initial page.

  • Control Panel is possible to disable some services making them hidden as an example installation and applications, screen, mouse and many others. It is possible to disable / enable the Desktop property key.

  • Desktop, instead, you can view My Computer, My Documents, Music or photos on the desktop for quick access.

  • Miscellaneous is used to disable / enable the command promt, the system registry, task manager or to block the start of an executable.

  • Network and Internet are used to optimize the download of protocols and speed up the download of packages. If you are not experienced and you have a connection fast enough and useless in my opinion.

  • OEM Info modifies the systemdm.cpl file would be the display of system information. Here we can edit and add some images or simply add comments about the product. This function is not very important but is used to "touch up" our system.

  • Special Folder is used to change the path of our documents even if it is advisable to leave them in their original location to avoid unnecessary data searches.

  • Start Menu has useful functions on a graphic level and not only. In fact, sometimes some viruses can modify the registry and hide from the start menu icons such as My Computer,

  • Control Panel, and Documents etc. This works therefore serves to enable or hide them; useful if we have important documents and do not want to let us know the existence.

  • Users Accounts are used to enter a welcome message when the system is started

  • Windows Core is used to increase system performance. It also allows you to disable Prefetch by further increasing the space on our Hard Disk.

  • Windows Explore instead and that service that allows you to disable programs like Folder Options, view hidden files, delete programs from the context menu "Send to .." and hide / show a disk drive from computer resources.

Opinion on the Functions of optimize Windows with TweakNow PowerPack

The only flaw of this program is that it is available only in English but after all it is an excellent and reliable program. In addition to being Freeware, it has a fairly intuitive graphic interface that allows even the less experienced to use it quickly and easily. I hope you apply this method (How to Optimize Windows with TweakNow PowerPack).

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