8 Ways to Upload Files to Dropbox without Installing A Client

8 Ways to Upload Files to Dropbox without Installing A Client

8 Ways to Upload Files to Dropbox without Installing A Client

Are you interested to know about How to upload files to Dropbox without installing Dropbox? It will be useful if you sat down at someone else’s computer or your device has little memory.

8 Ways to Upload Files to Dropbox without Installing A Client

1. Request Files From Other People

Your friends, colleagues or relatives have a bunch of files to send to you? Open the Dropbox web client in a browser, click “Files” → “File Requests” → “Create File Request”. Write in the window that opens what images or documents you want to receive, and then enter the mail address of the person who requests them.

The recipient will receive an email asking you to download the necessary data for you. At the same time, it is not at all necessary that he has a Dropbox account. It will be enough for him to click on the big blue button and choose what to send to you.

2. Upload Files to Dropbox without Installing Dropbox Via Balloon.io

The usefulness of this service decreased slightly after Dropbox added the file request function to its web client. Nevertheless, Balloon.io still works fine and can be used as an alternative to requests in file hosting.

The principle is this: you provide the service with access to your Dropbox, and it creates a separate folder there, and you are provided with a special link. Open it in a browser or transfer to the one from whom you want to receive files.

Any items that are dragged into the browser window will automatically be uploaded to the Balloon.io folder in your Dropbox. No need to enter any usernames and passwords, just save the link. Conveniently! It’s a good way to upload files to Dropbox without Installing Any Software.

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3. Save Gmail Attachments

Chrome users will appreciate a special extension that allows you to save email attachments to Dropbox directly through the Gmail interface. Install the program, open the desired letter and hover over the attachment. A file hosting icon will appear under the cursor.

In addition, you can save attachments from emails via the Dropbox add-on, which is embedded directly into the Google mail sidebar. To install it, click the plus sign in the panel and select Dropbox for Gmail.

Then open any letter with attached items and click on the file hosting icon on the sidebar, and the add-on will prompt you to choose what and where to save. It’s another good way to upload files to Dropbox without Installing Any Software.

4. Copy Entire Letters Via Save Emails to Dropbox

For those who do not need the attachments, but the letters themselves, the Save Emails to Dropbox extension is useful. It converts correspondence to PDF, TXT, HTML, or EML, and then loads the data into the repository.

Install the extension and give it access to the folder in Dropbox. Then click on the “Save” button that appears on the toolbar → Save to Dropbox. Select the folder in which the letter should appear, its preferred format and click Save.

5. Email your Files to Dropbox

With the help of the Send to Dropbox service, you can send yourself any files via e-mail - they will be automatically uploaded to the cloud storage.

It is a universal solution since email can be sent even from old Android devices that no longer support the official hosting client. Just save the email address that the service will give you, and send all the files you want to upload to Dropbox.

Send to Dropbox →

6. Save files automatically via IFTTT or Zapier

The IFTTT and Zapier services are a kind of “Internet automation”. They are able to do with your data on the web almost everything you want.

To automatically manage files, you need to create (or activate ready-made) so-called recipes - simple sequences of actions. They work according to the principle “the event you specified happened - the necessary operation was executed.”

With IFTTT and Zapier, you can automatically save to Dropbox photos from Telegram channels and from Facebook pages, notes from Evernote, favorite pictures from Instagram, favorite songs from SoundCloud ... Huge scope for action.

Simply select your favorite recipe, activate it and give the service access to Dropbox. It’s a good way to upload files to Dropbox without Installing Any Software.

IFTTT for Dropbox

Zapier for Dropbox →

7. Download Multiple Files by Reference

Web application URL to Dropbox can save to the cloud files, links to which you have provided them. At the same time, you can feed the service up to 100 pieces.

This is especially useful if you want to upload to Dropbox, for example, all the pictures from any page. First, we get their addresses using this extension — you need to install it, open a page with interesting content, click the corresponding icon and click Copy.

And then copy to the empty URL to Dropbox field and click Save to Dropbox. It’s an easy way to upload files to Dropbox.

URL to Dropbox →

8. Download Files From The Browser Via Download to Dropbox

This tiny Chrome extension allows you to download files and pictures from the Internet to Dropbox, by right-clicking on them and selecting Download to Dropbox from the context menu. Very quick and easy.

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