20 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks 2020 That NOBODY Knows

20 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks 2020 That NOBODY Knows

20 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks 2020 That NOBODY Knows

Are you interested to know about best WhatsApp tricks and hacks 2020. Almost every person uses WhatsApp. Then you should definitely know these 20 tricks and hacks for the popular messenger. This not only saves you time and money, but also can impress your friends.

WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks 2020

WhatsApp feels like half the world. In fact, there are over 1.5 billion people in over 180 countries, who together send about 65 billion messages each day. Only very few users exploit the full potential of the messenger. Too bad, because WhatsApp offers many hidden, unknown functions that can be extremely useful when chatting with your friends. We have collected the best professional tricks and hacks for you:

1. Use WhatsApp Without A SIM Card With A Landline Number

If you do not want to give out your mobile phone number, if you want to use WhatsApp without a SIM card or if you need an additional account for a second device, you can simply enter your landline number when registering. Normally, the messenger sends an SMS for authentication. Since that does not work with a landline number, there is the possibility to register the landline number via a call after just under 5 minutes waiting time. When this option is selected, the phone rings shortly afterward and a six-digit code is announced, allowing you to link the landline number to WhatsApp. It is first and best WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks 2020. 

2. Send Broadcast

Broadcast allows you to send the same message to as many contacts as you want without having to create a chat group for it. Very handy, for example, if you are sick and want to quickly tell your colleagues that you are not coming to the office today. If someone answers your broadcast, a normal chat starts between you two. The others get nothing from it.

In iOS, tap "Broadcast Lists" in the top left corner of the chat overview and create a new list of assigned contacts. Android users, in the chat summary, tap the Menu key and then select New Broadcast.

3. Browse Chat (s) WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks 2020

Gone are the days when you scrambled through hundreds of messages, just to find some info. The global search has been around for a while: the feature will appear at the top of the chat overview as you swipe down. On the other hand, it is relatively new to be able to search individual chats specifically for a buzzword. Go to the corresponding chat and click at the top on the contact or group name. There you will find the option "Search chat".

4. Use Dictation And Save Time

Typing long messages on the smartphone is not only annoying, but also quite time consuming if you are not just a practiced finger acrobat in the caffeine rush. The voice messages in WhatsApp are an alternative, but also more data intensive. In addition, it cannot be seen at a glance, what you actually talked about last. Better and much more practical: Use the dictation function of your smartphone, which automatically converts speech into text. With a little practice, even long messages work smoothly and usually without errors. The feature can be found in the displayed keyboard mostly to the left of the space bar, hidden behind a microphone icon.

For iOS users, the function may need to be yet in the settings under General> Keyboard> “Enable dictation “are turned on. Android users with Samsung or Google keyboard installed have voice control enabled by default. You may find another icon to the left of the space bar. Hold your finger on the symbol and switch to the microphone.

5. Save Data And Save Money

WhatsApp is free of charge, but can be quite expensive without Wi-Fi in range, if you have no data flat or sufficient volume. By default, WhatsApp automatically downloads images over the mobile connection. In the settings, under the menu item "Data usage" or under "Data and memory usage" in iOS, the auto-download of media such as photos, audio files, videos and documents can be set individually. If you want to save data volume, everything switches to WLAN.

6. Delete Sent Messages

After a long night, the ex-again sent well (embarrassed) messages? At least for about an hour, you can still iron the act of shame - as follows: Tap and hold sent message or media file. Tap on the "Delete" menu item and select "Delete for all". Instead of the message, the message "This message has been deleted" now appears in the chat. Now you just have to hope that the rescue attempt came in time.

7. Remove blue hook or read function

Usually in WhatsApp 2 blue check marks next to a message indicate that they have been read by the recipient. For some users, however, a read but not answered for hour’s message can quickly load. At the latest then it is advisable to turn off the integrated read receipt under Settings> Account> Privacy better completely. However, you will not be able to see if the recipient has read your own messages. An exception are group chats: Read receipts are always sent here and cannot be deactivated.

8. Quote Certain Message (WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks 2020)

Especially in-group chats, where the overview is flute fast, this function is worth gold. To make it clear which message you are responding to, you can just quote it. Tap and hold the message and select "Answer" from the menu bar that appears. Tip: On iOS devices, it is enough to swipe the message to be quoted to the right.

9. Set Favorites and Find them Quickly

Especially in-group chats, particularly funny or important posts in the flood of messages are quickly lost. If you want to quickly find a specific post later, you can mark it as a favorite with a star. To do this, tap and hold the message, photo, or video until you see an additional menu. Now tap on the star icon, done. To see a list of all marked posts, go to iOS in the settings on the menu item "Starred". Under Android, you will find the overview of the menu button.

10. Use Hidden WhatsApp Font

Fancy a few "How are you doing this???" - Comments in your chat group? In the latest version of WhatsApp hides a new font called "FixedSys", which, however, can only be awkwardly activated with three grave accent marks before and after the text. Example: `` `Men's Health is great!` ``. In iOS, the character is very awkward to find: Keep the apostrophe button pressed, only then appears in a popup grave sign on the far left (see picture). Tip: If you want to write regularly with the new font, copy the three grave characters to the clipboard.

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11. Format Texts

This trick works in a similar way to the hidden font: before and after the text, put the following characters in bold or italic, examples include:
* Bold font *
_cursive font_
~ crossed out text ~
Tip: You can also throw together all formatting, such as: * ~ _Techtopedia.com rocks! _ ~ *

12. Use WhatsApp on Every Machine

If you prefer to chat with a neat keyboard, you will find the web version of the messenger at web.whatsapp.com. In principle, this allows you to chat on any computer. However, for security reasons, a QR code must first be scanned in with your smartphone or tablet on which you are using WhatsApp. Similarly, this works with the WhatsApp PC and Mac versions, which can be found on www.whatsapp.com/web and installed on your computer.

13. Create and Search GIFs in WhatsApp

The GIF features are not so easy to spot in WhatsApp: If you select a video from your library via the plus symbol (+) to the left of the input field and shorten it to 6 seconds or less, a small switch will appear in the preview window at the top right with the option to send the video as GIF. This makes it easy to create and edit your own GIFs. WhatsApp was also given a GIF search engine: If the Photo & Video library is opened via WhatsApp, the GIF search via Giphy and Tenor is possible at the bottom. It is another good option and included in the best WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks 2020.

[caption id="attachment_407" align="alignleft" width="350"] The new group call icon at the top right allows you to invite other participants during a call[/caption]

14. Cheap calls with WhatsApp

If you like the back-and-forth chatting, you can also call your friends directly from WhatsApp. Just click on the phone in the chat on the top. In the WLAN, the phone calls with WhatsApp Call is free. Otherwise, the conversation is on the sometimes-paid mobile Internet. Be especially careful when calling. On iOS devices, WhatsApp Call consumes an average of about 0.7 megabytes per minute; about 1 MB is with Android. If you do not have data flat or enough volume, you pay between 17 and 36 cents a minute. Tip: Under Settings> “Data Usage" you can reduce data consumption during a call at the expense of voice quality.

15. Make Group Call

What other apps like Skype have been able to do for a long time now also works with WhatsApp: audio or video calls with up to four participants. This is how it works: Start a call via the app as usual. As soon as the connection is established, a new symbol appears at the top right (see picture), through which additional persons can be invited into the conversation.

16. Share live location

Super useful, for example, if you want to stroll around and want to push someone. In attachment (group) chat, tap Attachment (plus sign on iOS, staple icon on Android)> Location> Share live location. Now specify the duration, how long the location should be shared live,

17. Enable Hidden Camera Night Mode

So far, this feature is only available to iOS users - and most people have not noticed it yet. Because the option only appears in the WhatsApp camera mode via a crescent symbol in the upper right corner of the image if the subject is poorly lit.

[caption id="attachment_408" align="alignleft" width="350"] Pimp your WhatsApp videos, GIFs and pictures individually with emojis, drawings and text[/caption]

18. Decorate Videos, Photos and Gifs with Emoji’s And Text

Little pimp please? You can insert emoji’s or text into your pictures, videos or even GIFs. Even drawings are possible. After selection, you will find the tools in the upper bar in the preview window (see picture).

19. Save chat (WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks 2020)

A backup of all chats can be created under Settings> Chat> Chat Backup. It's also possible to back up individual chats: On Android devices, open the chat or the group > Menu key> More> Send chat by e-mail. On iOS, open Chat or Group, click the name of the group or contact at the top, then Export Chat.

20. Protect WhatsApp Status, Profile Picture and Privacy

In the settings, you can protect your profile picture, your WhatsApp status, your info text as well as the "last online" status from unwanted glances under Account> Privacy. Nobody cares when you were online last. The rest should be limited to "My contacts". So strangers who are not in your contact list cannot spy on you secretly.

Try our WhatsApp tricks and tips right away, because Messenger is much more than a simple chat program. If you protect your privacy and know and use all WhatsApp features, you can chat with your friends much more effectively, relaxed and, above all, more entertaining.

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