How to Install Software on Linux Operating System

How to Install Software on Linux Operating System

How to Install Software on Linux Operating System

Do you know How to Install Software on Linux Operating System? You can choose your way either through App stores, package manager, terminals, or familiar installers.

How to Install Software on Linux Operating System

How to Install Software on Linux Through The App Store

An easiest and most convenient way that is best suited to beginners. No fuss with the terminal and search.

App stores allow you to find most programs in special Linux libraries, repositories. From there updates are being downloaded, patches, in general everything is in a row.

Open the app store from the main menu. In different distributions, it may have variable names, but the principle of operation is the same everywhere.

  • GNOME Software is used in distributions from the desktop environment GNOME.
  • Discover is installed on KDE distributions. As befits a KDE application, very beautiful and quite comfortable at the same time.
  • "Program Manager” in Linux Mint.
  • AppCenter in elementary OS.
  • Deepin Software Center in Deepin Linux.

Enter the name of the program in the search bar and select the desired one in the results window. Click on the “Install” button, enter your password, and then just wait until the process is complete.

The app store will automatically find the program you need and install it.

How to Install Programs on Linux Through The Terminal

Believe it or not, it’s even faster than looking for an app in the store. All you need to do is copy the commands from the developer’s site (look in the “Installation” section) and insert them into the terminal one by one by pressing Enter.

For example, you want to install the popular Clementine player. Open the developer's site and see a set of commands for installation.
  1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:me-davidsansome/clementine: add to the system the address of the repository, from where the program will download, and further updates for it. You will be prompted to enter your password - do it.
  2. sudo apt update - order the system to update the list of packages.
  3. sudo apt install clementine - we begin the installation.
    Before you enter commands in the terminal, make sure that they belong to your distribution.

How to Install Software on Linux through A Graphical Package Manager

Linux Package Manager is a program that automatically downloads other programs from the repository, installs and deletes them. Different Linux distributions have their own managers. Debian, Ubuntu and their relatives use APT, CentOS and Fedora have DNF, openSUSE uses Zypper, and Arch Linux uses Pacman.

When you install software through a terminal, you give commands to your package manager. But it is much more convenient to manage this data via a graphical interface, for example, via Synaptic in Ubuntu or Pamac in Arch. Look for it in the main menu for the request "Package Manager".
  1. Start the package manager.
  2. Enter in the search box the name of the desired program.
  3. Highlight the item found, and then click on the "Install" button.
  4. Enter your user password and wait while the package manager downloads and installs the desired program.

How to install Software on Linux Using Installation Files

This is how programs are installed in Windows: open the developer’s website in the browser, download the installer and launch it with a double click.

But in Linux, it's better to install everything from the repositories, then the programs will automatically be updated themselves and the fuss with them will be less.

If what you need is not in the repositories, here’s how to resolve the issue:
  1. Find the site of the application developer and download the installer that matches your distribution.
  2. Double-click it and click Install.
  3. Enter your password and wait for the installation process to complete.

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