How to Check Manufacturing Date of Samsung Android Mobiles

How to Check Manufacturing Date of Samsung Android Mobiles

How to Check Manufacturing Date of Samsung Android Mobiles

If you buy a new, non-activated smartphone, then knowing the manufacturing date of Samsung android mobiles does not make much sense. However, there is a huge market for devices that have been in use. Users are not only interested in when their device was manufactured, but they also need to know whether the information is correct, for example, some ads on the sale of a smartphone.

How to Check Manufacturing Date of Samsung Android Mobiles

Companies come up with their own ways how to find out Manufacturing Date of Android Smartphone, and Samsung is no exception. Especially for devices of the Galaxy line, we have prepared some of the easiest ways to determine the date and country of manufacture of the device. Below are the methods on how to check the manufacturing date of Samsung android mobiles.

Method 1: We Check Manufacturing Date of Any Android Automatically Using the Application

Smartphones on the Android platform are very functional thanks to access to a huge number of applications. Among them, there are informational data which, upon request, show a variety of data about the device, including the manufacturing date.

We recommend using the Samsung Phone Info utility. This is a proven application from a secure developer, so open the Google Play Store and either find it in the search or follow this link.

When the application is installed, open it. On the first screen of the “General Information” menu, find the “Manufacturing Date” field. Above must be the field "Country of manufacturing". These are the parameters that are needed.

Samsung Phone Info also stores detailed information on device specifications, model number, code name, type, region code, bootloader version, firmware, and so on. We hope you like our first method about to find the manufacturing date of Samsung android mobiles.

Method 2: Manually Check Manufacturing Date of Any Smartphone by Serial Number

As stated on the official website of Samsung, the date of manufacture is encrypted in the serial number. It is known that each device has a unique serial number, so this method will be effective for 100 percent of people. This number is recorded under the battery (if it is removable), on the back cover at the bottom and in the “About phone” menu in the settings.

Now that you know the serial number of your Samsung mobile, you can proceed to decode. It is necessary to build on the last character. If it is a letter, you should count 5 characters from it to the left, and if it is a digit, then count 5 characters from the end of the number. See the example below:

The sixth character indicates the month. 1 (January), 2 (February), 3 (March) and so on. The seventh character to the left of the sixth indicates the year of manufacturing of the product. If you see the letter B in that place, then your device was manufactured in 2011, if C, then 2012, D 2013, F 2014, G 2015, H 2016, J 2017, K 2018, M 2019, and N corresponds to 2020.

In the above example, by the number, it can be understood that the product was produced in May 2018. Do you like 2nd method about how to check manufacturing date of Samsung android mobiles?

Method 3: Look at the Date on Retail Packaging

Each new smartphone comes in a retail box, which usually contains most of the product information inside. It should have a sticker with the date of manufacturing, which is glued exactly when the product leaves the manufacturing line. The disadvantage of this method is that this label is not always present, and if you buy it from your hands, then the box itself may not be.

If your Smartphone has such a sticker, then please write to us what kind of device it is.

Method 4: We find information on the IMEI code

Each Samsung Galaxy smartphone receives a unique IMEI code, which also stores the date of manufacture. Samsung offers a service to verify its products with this code, and you can find the information you need there. To find your device's IMEI, enter * # 06 # in the dialer, and in a second you will get the result.

According to this link accessible form of two fields: email address and IMEI number. They need to be filled carefully, as you must receive a response from the support service with data about the Galaxy. Fill in these fields, agree with the requirements and click on the “Submit Request” button.

The problem is that the answer can wait a fairly long period of time. He can get into spam, so you'll have to check that as well.

Method 5: Determine The Manufacturing Date Through Third-Party Resources

There are many third-party resources that allow you to view data on the phone by IMEI or serial number. There is a service such as SNDeepInfo, and it provides the necessary data about the Galaxy.

Open this site in the browser manually or follow our link. On the main page, you will see the field for the serial number or IMEI. Next, you need to do the following:

First, select a manufacturer, and in our case it is Samsung.
Enter one of the above numbers and click the “Check” button. In an instant, a page opens with the required information.

Method 6: Use Special Codes

How to find manufacturing date of Samsung android mobiles using special codes? Special codes are a great way to view smartphone information. For Samsung, there are such codes, and now we will tell you about them.

Like any other manufacturers, Seoul offers their own solutions, so the codes are different. However, you need to enter them in the same dialer. The first code looks like this: * # 8999 * 8378 # or *#92702689#. Enter it in the phone and wait for the result. If it does not fit, that is, the device gives an error, then try another special code: * # 0206 * 8378 #. Dial *#06# to check IMEI code and search it on IMEI website.

Let's sum up Samsung has a huge number of Galaxy mobile devices, and some of the methods listed above work, and some do not. Therefore, we offer so many different options. Probably the easiest way is to install the Phone Info Samsung application, but this is only if the device has a good internet connection.

Which of these methods did you choose? It is also important to know which ones are not suitable for your smartphone. If you like our post “Manufacturing Date of Samsung Android Mobiles” don’t forgive to share your feedback in comment box.

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This code works on Samsung devices: *#12580*369#
The manufacturing date is displayed under RF Cal in format
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