5 Reasons to Buy A PlayStation 4 Instead of Xbox One

5 Reasons to Buy A PlayStation 4 Instead of Xbox One

5 Reasons to Buy A PlayStation 4 Instead of Xbox One

Do you know about the 5 Reasons to Buy a PlayStation 4 Instead of Xbox One? Remote Play, available virtual reality and other reasons to get the PlayStation from Sony.

5 Reasons to Buy A PlayStation 4 Instead of Xbox One

1. Luxury & Exclusives

Among the best games of this generation of development consoles for the PlayStation 4 occupy almost half of the lines. Due to the excellent sales of the console and the fact that Sony has bought several professional studios, almost every exclusive project for PS 4 becomes an important event in the industry.

Among these games, third-person action games dominate with a powerful immersive effect and addictive gameplay. The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, God of War, Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn, there are many similar games in the PlayStation 4 library, and everyone can find among them a game that they like. It’s good reason to buy a PlayStation 4 (PS4) instead of an Xbox One.

2. Price Of The Older Version Of The PlayStation

In the Sony family of consoles, there are currently three topical PlayStation: the basic PlayStation 4, its updated version of the PlayStation 4 Slim and the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro, which can run games in 4K.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is inferior in power to the older version of the Xbox One. However, if we compare the same games on these two consoles, there will be practically no difference, few projects use the capabilities of the Xbox One X to the full. At the same time, the PlayStation 4 Pro is cheaper, about $455 versus $606. It is another good reason to buy a PlayStation 4.

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3. Convenient and Inexpensive Set Of Virtual Reality

PlayStation 4 is the only PlayStation on the market where you can run VR games. To do this, you just need to buy a set of PlayStation VR and related projects. There are not so many games for this platform, but among them, there are masterpieces providing an unforgettable experience. For example, Resident Evil 7 and Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

Interestingly, the offer from Sony is one of the cheapest and most convenient solutions for virtual reality. The set of PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation VR is much cheaper than the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift and a powerful PC, and installing it in an apartment is much easier.

4. The Number Of Players in PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 is the most popular PlayStation of the current generation. Among other things, this means that the number of players in almost any multiplayer game on this console will be more than any other. This means that the search for matches will be faster, and it will be easier to find players with the skill level that suits your needs.

And the games have a longer audience. For example, in Battlefield 4 released over five years ago on the PlayStation 4 plays far more people than on Xbox One. It's another best reasons buy a PlayStation 4 instead of Xbox One

5. Ability to Play on PC, Mac and Mobile Devices

Sony consoles have a remote play feature. It allows you to play projects for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) on any device running Windows or Mac OS, as well as on the PlayStation Vita, smartphones and tablets from Sony.

The essence of this system is simple: it sends input signals from a connected device to a set-top box and sends the image back. This allows you to enjoy games for the PlayStation 4, even if you sit on the sofa in front of the TV there is no possibility.

Moreover, on the Internet, you can find ways to run Remote Play on any device with Android. True, this will have to download a modified application from an unsafe source. We hope these Reasons to Buy A PlayStation 4 Instead of Xbox One will be more informative for you.

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