20 Best Android Games Which Can Be Played With One Hand

20 Best Android Games Which Can Be Played With One Hand

20 Best Android Games Which Can Be Played With One Hand

Are you searching best Android Games Which Can Be Played with One Hand? You are at right place. They cannot be distracted from the smartphone, even when holding the handrail on the bus.

20 Best Android Games Which Can Be Played With One Hand

1. Compulsive

A minimalist puzzle best android game that looks extremely simple, but rather difficult to solve. In it, you will have to place colored squares in color. Correctly grouped tiles disappear, and the rest move down. However, please note that time to solve puzzles is limited. Download Compulsive Game Here

2. Triple Town

One of the best android games in which the player creates a cartoon city, combining objects on maps in the correct sequence. Fill your city with lawn paths, houses, cathedrals, and castles, gracefully bypassing annoying bears that hinder your construction. Download Triple Town Game Here

3. Chess Free

Good old chess can be played with one hand both in the real world and on the screen of a smartphone. There are many classic chess games on Google Play, but we recommend the popular Chess Free. In this game, there is a strong AI with customizable difficulty, statistics, timers, and two-player mode. Download Chess Free Game Here

4. Shoot Bubble Deluxe

Shoot Bubble Deluxe is a classic bubble shooting game. Make combinations of three balls so that they burst, and clear the lines of all bubbles to win. There are 300 levels and a global system of records. And for hardcore players, there is a special arcade mode in which bubbles slowly fall lower and lower, threatening to crush you. So you have to shoot them for speed. Download Shoot Bubble Deluxe Game Here

5. Marvel Puzzle Quest Best Android Games

This game will appeal to all fans of the Marvel universe. Here you need to solve puzzles with multi-colored puzzles, arranging them by color. Composing correctly, you will help the Avengers to defeat their opponents - Ultron, Thanos, Osborne, and other villains. Download Marvel Puzzle Quest Game Here

6. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is an extremely popular and best Android games can be played with one hand. It is simple, but addictive. Beautiful graphics, lots of characters to choose from, hundreds of achievements, bonuses and new landscapes constantly added from version to version.

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Steal a precious artifact from an ancient abandoned sanctuary and run, run as quickly as possible. Because if the temple guard overtakes you, he will eat you. Temple Run 2 is included in one of the best android games can be played with one hand. Download Temple Run 2 Game Here

7. Clumsy Bird

Clumsy Bird is included in best android games that can be played with one hand. Remember, once in the top of Google Play Flappy Bird reigned? The developer has deleted the game from the store, but numerous clones vividly took its place. Clumsy Bird is almost identical to the original.
Equip your clumsy bird with accessories, clothes, equipment and go on a long flight. And look don't crash into a tree. Download Clumsy Bird Game Here

8. FlapThulhu

Another clone of Flappy Bird, but now for Lovecraft fans. The graphics here are an unpretentious, pixel, but the gameplay is addictive, since you are playing, not by anyone, but by Cthulhu himself.

Pass through the gates of R'leh, open the way to the dimension of the Ancients, and release insanity. And let the infernal horror haunt you to the very end. Phtagn. Download FlapThulhu Game Here

9. Cut the Rope 2

Little green monster Om Nom loves candy. Help him get them by solving puzzles with ropes and balloons. The game has more than 160 levels and funny physics. Download Cut the Rope 2 Game Here

10. 2048

This is a puzzle game in which you need, moving the tiles, make up the number 2048. It sounds simple, isn't it? But in practice, the game is quite complicated. And if folding the tiles on a 4 × 4 board doesn’t cause any particular difficulties, then an 8 × 8 board will make the braces move. Download 2048 Game Here

11. Pixel Dungeon

Yes, yes, this is an RPG. And the management here is so simple that you can play it with one hand. Pixel Dungeon is a typical roguelike where you roam randomly generated levels and are constantly exposed to new dangers. No second chance - if the hero dies, its forever.

So make sure you have enough fighting skills and magical abilities before you go into a cave with especially evil monsters. Download Pixel Dungeon Game Here

12. Canabalt HD

An endless platformer, the hero of which runs, without stopping, on the roofs of high-rise buildings in a gloomy urbanistic entourage. Factory chimneys smoke, huge airships with jet engines fly in the sky, construction cranes turn and skyscrapers collapse - and you are still racing through obstacles under the industrial soundtrack, dodging boxes. Download Canabalt HD Game Here

13. Vector

Vector is very similar to Canabalt, but it is even more active and interesting. The same gloomy cityscapes, the roofs of skyscrapers and office buildings, but much more dynamism.

The main character, a simple office clerk, breaks off the unit that controls it and runs away from the slavery of an omnipotent corporation. Rebel pursued her staff, and escape will help him only incredible skills of parkour. Download Vector Game Here


BADLAND is not only an interesting but also a very beautiful game with original graphics. Something terrible happened to a strange fairy-tale forest full of gears and spinning wheels.

One of the local inhabitants - whether a bird or a beast with wings - finally decides to figure out what is happening. Obstacles, traps and the dire need to constantly flap their wings await him. True, BADLAND only works in horizontal mode, but nevertheless, it is perfectly controlled with one hand. Download BADLAND Game Here

15. Stick Hero

In Stick Hero, you need to place thin bridges between the platforms so that your hero can move from one to the other. We'll have to carefully monitor the length of transitions - if the bridge is shorter or longer than the position, the character will fall from the edge. Download Stick Hero Game Here

16. Doodle Jump

A simple game with funny hand-drawn graphics in the style of "doodle on paper." Lead your hero with a shooting trunk into battle, bypassing the interfering platforms, killing monsters and collecting bonuses. The game has many thematic levels - winter, Halloween, pirate bay, and so on. Doodle Jump is the first time killer. Download Doodle Jump Game Here

17. Can Knockdown 3

Can Knockdown 3 is the embodiment of the insane idea: “And what if you play bowling at a dump with cans that explode from time to time?” Shoot bulky structures of cans, iron, and planks with tennis balls, explode explosives and spill radioactive waste. The game has nice graphics and quite realistic physics. Download Can Knockdown 3 Game Here

18. Monument Valley

A very beautiful puzzle game in which you need to drive the princess through mysterious castles, platforms hanging in the air and other architectural structures in three-dimensional space. Try not to deal with ravens - they can spoil you a lot of blood.

Exploration of the fantasy world is exciting, and yet there is a very nice soundtrack. And if you don’t have one game, Monument Valley has a sequel. Download Monument Valley 1 Game Here Monument Valley 2

19. Hitman GO

Mobile arcade about the adventures of the most famous in the world of the assassin - Agent 47. Murder is a serious business. You need to carefully prepare, think out a plan, choose a disguise and act coolly and prudently.

Get into the most protected places on the planet, ruthlessly removing any opponents from the road or deftly deceiving them, and kill those whom it would seem impossible to kill. Download Hitman GO Game Here

20. Subway Surfers

The game is about crazy guys, having fun running around on rails. These desperate psychopaths dodge trains, collect bonuses and perform complex acrobatic stunts, and the station attendant pursuing them adds sensation to the sensations (dressed up for Santa Claus on a holiday).

Go on a long race - it will not be boring. And when you just get tired of running around, you can ride a skateboard and even fly a jet pack. This game is also included in my favorite best android games. Download Subway Surfers Game Here

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