NFC Android - How NFC Works In A Smartphone And Why It Can Be Used

NFC Android - How NFC Works In A Smartphone And Why It Can Be Used

NFC Android and NFC Smartphone

NFC Android is a very popular and helpful technology, used to transfer our smartphone data from one to another. In this article, we will discuss all necessary material related to NFC and NFC Android.

What is NFC and NFC Android?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC is used to transfer data between devices near up to 10 cm. The communication in NFC is maintained through the magnetic field.

NFC can work in active and passive modes. For the first, it is necessary that both devices have their own power source, and for the second one is to close. One of the devices receives its operating power from the electromagnetic field of the other.

The NFC-chip itself has a fairly compact size, which allows you to install it in smartphones, audio speakers, tablets and other mobile gadgets.

What NFC can be used for

Data Exchange with Other Devices:

Compared to Bluetooth technology, NFC has a very high connection speed between devices. In this case, the speed of the data transfer itself in the active communication mode is low. So, NFC Android usually used only to transfer contacts, links, notes, and coordinates on the map.

To transfer large files, the NFC technology uses only connecting devices, and the content is sent via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This even applies to the transmission of simple video or documents via the “Send” function.

Find out the exact location of the antenna chip can be in the instructions for the device. However, in most cases they display on the back of the case. Therefore, when connecting via NFC, smartphones need to lean against each other with rear panels.

Scanning And Programming Tags

NFC chips use passive communication mode to read information, it is called NFC tags. They do not have their own power source, and activation comes from the electromagnetic field of the reader device.

The main purpose of tags is to get additional information about a product or an event. In some retail chains, NFC tags are already replacing barcodes. Having learned the smartphone, the buyer can receive detailed information on structure, expiration date, and storage conditions.

Tags are also used to automate various actions on a smartphone, including applications, changing the sound profile, sending messages, and so on. For example, you can program the label to launch the navigator and attach it to the machine. As soon as you put your smartphone on it, the gadget will start automatically.

Tags are programmed through special apps on your smartphone, such as NFC Tools.

Card Emulation

NFC gadgets can be used to emulate smart cards used as a pass, key or travel card. However, with the arrival of Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay payment systems in all over the world, its easy to use it. The main purpose of the NFC chip in the smartphone is to emulate bank cards for contact less payments.

To pay for goods using NFC, simply bring the smartphone to the terminal at the checkout. The main thing is to pre-link your bank card to the payment system available for your smartphone.

Android Pay has the highest coverage by the devices then Apple and Samsung. It is not designed for devices from a specific manufacturer. However, any of these payment systems can be used without fear and risk.

At the time of payment you don't need to provide your card or any information. NFC technology uses token, a digital encrypted identifier that is generated automatically when the card is activated.

How Safe is NFC?

NFC Android: NFC devices can simultaneously receive and transmit data, which allows them to detect inconsistencies if the received signal does not match the transmitted one.

The risk of interception of your data is extremely small, especially considering the minimum range of the technology. The same Bluetooth, operating within tens of meters, is much more vulnerable to external interference.

This also applies to payment details: a token generated for contactless payment will not allow attackers to access your card. And the fact of interception of the ciphered identifier looks unrealistic.

In addition, contactless payment requires confirmation via fingerprint reading, password or face scan. Without doing all of this, the purchase will be pending. If your smartphone is stolen, no one can be used it as a payment tool.

Which Smartphones Support NFC?

Once, only expensive flagships had the support of this technology, but now you can buy a smartphone with NFC at a price of fewer than 10,000 rubles. In any case, this applies to devices on Android. Among the most accessible are Nokia 3, Samsung Galaxy J5, and Motorola Moto G5s.

In the Apple ecosystem, the cheapest NFC smartphone with Apple Pay support is the iPhone SE, which today costs just under 289$. More expensive models, starting with the iPhone 6, also have an NFC chip.

If you do not know if there is an NFC in your Android-smartphone, you can check this by searching in the settings. Typically, features associated with this technology are available in connection sections or wireless networks. Also, the NFC icon should be present in the list of quick launch icons in the top curtain.

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