6 Advantages of A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

6 Advantages of A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

6 Advantages of A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaign is a channel for communication, interaction, and personalized communication. Companies have long used them to establish relationships with customers because a successful email marketing campaign gives $ 38 in return for every $ 1 spent.

6 Advantages of A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Moreover, 66% of customers make a purchase by clicking in an email.

How successful email marketing campaign can be useful for your company?

  • More effective brand promotion

  • Better targeting

  • Personalized approach

  • A higher level of engagement

  • Tracking additional metrics

  • Excellent testing facilities

1. More Effective Brand Promotion

Email is a valuable brand promotion tool.

Along with the website and social media profile, email marketing helps to create certain associations with your leads and customers. It enhances the value of your brand message, as well as the products or services you offer. It also broadcasts on all three levels of the brand - essence, identity, and trust.

Well-considered brand marketing email marketing strategy:

  • Provides a direct communication channel with customers.

  • Becomes a reliable starting point of interaction between the brand and customers.

  • Starts and maintains the dialogue with all segments of the target audience.

  • Establishes strong and long-term relationships with regular customers.

  • Promotes customer loyalty and creates a network of involved subscribers.

Since a brand is defined as “a unique design, sign, symbol, word, or combination of words used to create an image that identifies a product and distinguishes it from competitors,” email should work closely with other communication channels to ensure consistency and consistency in interaction.

Being a part of marketing impressions, email improves the overall brand image. Over time, the brand begins to be associated with reliability, quality and customer satisfaction.

Here are some ways to use email newsletters / successful email marketing campaign to increase brand awareness:

Personality and Voice

To be successful, an email marketing campaign must reflect the personality and brand voice that customers see in other communication channels. No matter what tone you choose - serious professional or friendly informal - your brand should always be credible.

Advice from professionals. Try to write in a living language, but not to the detriment of your professional image.

Common Templates

The logo should overlap with the visual design of your company (a combination of colors, shapes, and text embodying the brand message). Use it to create templates of letters in the same style. Also, pay attention to the location of the elements and place the logo, brand name, and call-to-action button in a prominent place.

Advice from professionals. If you are looking for fresh ideas, check out logo design contests.

Relationship Focus

Instead of getting hung up on sales (this strategy will only cause your emails to be marked as spam), build relationships with subscribers. Use this opportunity to learn more about customers and give them a chance to get to know you better. Show concern and emotional responsiveness.

Advice from professionals. Show your appreciation by sending a welcome letter to each new subscriber.

2. Better Targeting

Effective email marketing relies on automation tools.

Do not ignore them, because they open up huge opportunities for segmentation of the audience. Email and targeting are inextricably linked. The contact database usually contains all clients from the CRM brand database, which makes it possible to develop relationships with existing clients.

But that's not all.

Relationships with clients that are based on email-based mailing allow you to extract a lot of useful information about current customers in general. You can learn more about their needs and pain points, preferred products and behaviors, and use this data to target new customers.

Use email automation tools to answer the following questions:

  • At what point does the client decide to make a purchase and what is the determining factor?

  • What messages or suggestions does the client most likely respond to?

  • On which platforms, sites or social networks does the customer prefer to shop?

Successful Email marketing campaign can serve as a powerful tool for testing marketing and conversion methods, capturing customer behavior and predicting future trends. If you segment subscribers according to their needs and habits, you will get comprehensive information about how leads think and what they expect.

3. Personalized Approach

The economy of impressions, preaching the spirit of consumerism, which values the process more than the result, actively uses email marketing tools to personalize B2C contacts. In this context, email allows you to get a complete picture of the customer and provide personalized customer interaction with the brand.

In addition, personalized letters have an average click-through rate of 14% higher. In terms of sales, this gives 10% more conversions.

It doesn’t matter if we work in the economy of impressions or in another field, consumers want to be treated as individuals with their needs and problems. They do not want to waste time on unnecessary products or services. They also expect a personalized relationship in all communication channels. Naturally, this includes email.

Here are some ways to customize a personalized email approach to get better results in successful email marketing campaign:

Ask the right questions

Send welcome letters to ask new subscribers what they expect from working with you. Do they carefully study the products or buy without looking? What platforms and payment systems do they prefer? Are they interested in receiving letters and what would they like to read?

Advice from professionals. Come up with a short quiz and ask what they like.

Segment Subscribers

If you ask the right questions, new subscribers can help you create different customer profiles and develop a unique approach to each segment of the audience. You will know what each group of contacts wants (see announcements, special offers or guides for buyers) and when it wants to receive this content.

Advice from professionals. Use email marketing automation tools for super-segmentation.

4. Higher Level of Engagement

In the long run, email marketing campaigns help develop relationships, launch re-targeting of old customers, and increase loyalty. They can also speed up the conversion process and be the point from which potential customers from the top of the sales funnel go straight to the CRM database.

This is achieved through automated trigger letters sent in response to certain actions or reactions of clients, and convincing call-to-action buttons.

Such letters, which contain a direct link to the offer, encourage the subscriber to immediately take the desired action. Have you recently launched a product that has not yet been presented to your audience? Make an announcement, come up with a motivating call-to-action and offer a discount on pre-sale to a certain number of the fastest buyers.

Email can be used to increase customer involvement in other ways:

  • Announcements and newsletters increase brand awareness and keep customers informed.

  • Special offers and prices for loyal customers create a sense of urgency that promotes conversion.

  • Useful articles and guides for buyers increase the interest of subscribers to your offer.

5. Track Additional Metrics

I have already mentioned that email-automation tools to help companies learn more about existing customers and customers in general. Integrated analytics can do much more for marketing and conversion strategies.

Below are the metrics that each company should track to use successful email marketing campaign:

Click Ability index

The percentage of subscribers who clicked on the link in the letter is traditionally used in A / V testing, because it shows how interesting and relevant your campaign is. This is especially important in situations where you send trigger letters with the intention of receiving a direct response or conversion.

Conversion Rate

While the click through rate is tied to the actions performed by the subscriber in the letter, the conversion rate gives an idea of how many sales the email marketing campaign has done. Since conversion is the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy, this metric plays an important role in determining success.

Contact Base Growth Rate

The base of contacts decreases with time, for natural reasons, so the measurement of this metric will tell you whether you are moving in the right direction. Also, the indicator of mentioning letters can help in this, all with a clear goal - to find out what role the campaign plays in attracting leads.


Finally, the ROI indicator will help determine whether the application of a particular method pays off in the context of a general sales strategy. How many leads do you generate via email marketing and what potential profit does it bring? To track leads, create an SLA system.

6. Excellent Testing Facilities

Email marketing can promote almost anything. It can also help you test different strategies before they are put into practice. Thanks to the indicators listed above, you will always know how effective are measures to promote a brand, launch a product or improve the quality of service, let alone customer relations.

If you have a fresh idea, create a new letter template and send it to your most loyal customers to get feedback. This technique not only provides a direct response but also allows you to save you from wasting time, money and energy on something that does not increase ROI.

The time after successful email marketing campaign turns out to be the best way to convert customers.

Its influence on modern business is priceless, mainly due to its potential in building relationships and targeting the audience. And if you add to this a personalized approach, higher involvement and a useful metric, you will get a powerful automated tool for growth hacking (growth hacking).

If you have some thoughts on how a successful email marketing campaign is useful, share them in the comments below!

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